ABC – How To Be A Zillionaire (Ultimix) (BPM 124) (A-1)
Colourbox – You Keep Me Hanging On (Ultimix) (BPM 140) (A-2)
Houston, Whitney – How Will I Know (Ultimix) (BPM 122) (B-1)
Kelly Marie – Born To Be Alive (Ultimix) (BPM 132) (C-2)
Miles, John – Slowdown (Ultimix) (BPM 136) (D-2)
Nelson, Phyllis – Don’t Stop The Train (Ultimix) (BPM 137) (D-1)
Pearly Gates – Action (Ultimix) (BPM 138) (C-1)
Stewart, Jermaine – We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Ultimix) (BPM 127) (B-2)

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