Most Wanted DJs Chart Top

Most Wanted DJs Chart [12-July-2021]

Ambient Pino – Afro Shiva (Matan Caspi Remix).mp3
ASYS, Belocca – Macid (Original Mix).mp3
Braxton & Lauren L’aimant – Holding On (Extended Mix).mp3
Browncoat – At An End (GMJ & Matter Remix).mp3
Daan Steenman – Plastic Surgery (Jamback Remix).mp3
Daan Steenman – Plastic Surgery (Original Mix).mp3
Dave Shtorn – Elliptical Estate (Peve Remix).mp3
Dave Shtorn – Elliptical Estate (Vandelor Remix).mp3
Diplo feat. Elderbrook x Andhim – One By One (Vintage Culture Extended Remix).mp3
DONT BLINK – 808 (Extended Mix).mp3
Eagles & Butterflies, shey baba – Rebel feat. Shey Baba (Club Mix).mp3
Eins Tiefer – Sliced [Upon You Records].mp3
Fenky – I Can Handle It (Original Mix).mp3
Fenky – In Arms (Afernand Remix).mp3
Fenky – In Arms (Lujan Fernandez Remix).mp3
Fenky – In Arms (Original Mix).mp3
Francesco Maddalena – Leaf Flying (Traumer Remix).mp3
Haze-M – Pump Up the Jam [Haze Music].mp3
Haze-M – Riders on the Strom (Original Mix).mp3
Inkfish – Back To Clubbing [Inkfish Recordings].mp3
Inkfish – Fasad [Inkfish Recordings].mp3
Inkfish – Nio kilo knark [Inkfish Recordings].mp3
Inkfish – Pulkabacken [Inkfish Recordings].mp3
Johan Mila, David Hasert – Ceremony (feat. Esther Silex) [Poesie Musik].mp3
K Loveski & Gorkiz – Arboreal (Luciano Scheffer Remix) [Transensations Records].mp3
K Loveski & Gorkiz – Arboreal [Transensations Records].mp3
K Loveski & Gorkiz – Echos of Eons (Greenage Remix) [Transensations Records].mp3
K Loveski & Gorkiz – Echos of Eons [Transensations Records].mp3
Kevin York – Brentwood (Greck B & Anko A Remix).mp3
Kevin York – Brentwood (Original Mix).mp3
Kiman – Cassiopeia (Original Mix).mp3
Lampe – Closed Again [Shadow Wulf].mp3
Los Fugazzi – Not the One [Richmerch].mp3
Los Fugazzi – Unpunctual [Richmerch].mp3
Marvin Kraemer – Passion (Martin OCCO Remix).mp3
Marvin Kraemer – Passion (Original Mix).mp3
Marvin Kraemer – The Party (Alessio Bianchi Remix).mp3
Marvin Kraemer – The Party (Original Mix).mp3
Mikrostar – Alice (Original Mix).mp3
Mozaik (FR) – Movement (Alican Remix) [Eklektisch].mp3
Neil Amarey, Lazarusman – The Summer of Your Life (Mike Dem Remix) [My Other Side of the Moon].mp3
Neil Amarey, Lazarusman – The Summer of Your Life [My Other Side of the Moon].mp3
Nico Morano – Flammes feat. DONAMARIA (Patrice B„umel Deep Remix) [Ontourage Music].mp3
Nicolas Giordano – Arkham (N’Pot Remix) [Flug Lab].mp3
Pantheon & Gelassenheit – Together (Gelassenheit Remix) [Interfonic].mp3
Pantheon & Rafael Cerato – Together (Rafael Cerato Remix) [Interfonic].mp3
Philip Z – Sexy Sexy (Original Mix).mp3
Philip Z – Sexy Sexy (Piem Remix).mp3
Pinney – Can’t Stop (Robin Fett Remix).mp3
SAM WOLFE, JD Farrell – Reservoir (Extended Mix) [Purified Records].mp3
Serge Funk – I Can Feel [Groove Culture].mp3
Seth Troxler – Lumartes (Extended).mp3
Solomun – Out of Focus feat. Zoot Woman (Original Mix).mp3
Solomun – Prospect feat. Atna (Original Mix).mp3
Stan Kolev – Ananda (Qdream Remix).mp3
Steand – No One Else (Original Mix).mp3
Stylo & Space Motion – Player (Original Mix).mp3
Tomy Wahl – Killer On the Road [Dear Deer Dubs].mp3
Yotto, Sansa, Cristoph – Out Of Reach (Club Mix).mp3

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Most Wanted DJs Chart [09-July-2021]

BRAGKEN feat. CATMOONK – Sun Is Down (Extended Mix).mp3
BRAGKEN feat. CATMOONK – Sun Is Down (Two Are Remix).mp3
Bubba Brothers – Karma (Original mix).mp3
Copasetic – She Gives.mp3
Danilo Ercole – Enigma [Pure Progressive].mp3
Danilo Ercole – Voices [Pure Progressive].mp3
David Hohme, Erdi Irmak – Changes (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)].mp3
deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 43 (Go Freek Extended Remix).mp3
Droplex, Vynek – What The Hell (Original Mix).mp3
Eelke Kleijn – Mont Saint-Michel (Original Mix).mp3
Eli Brown x Siege feat. Lovlee – Pulling Me Back (Extended Mix).mp3
Frankey & Sandrino – Hope 43.mp3
Frankey & Sandrino – Rana.mp3
Frankey & Sandrino – Tga (feat. la ™berg).mp3
Joy Marquez & Zeuqram – La Candela Viva [Futura Groove Records].mp3
Kaiserdisco – Spule [KD RAW].mp3
Kaiserdisco – Trafo [KD RAW].mp3
Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow – Biocosmic Symphony (Antrim Remix) [Vapour Recordings].mp3
Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow – Biocosmic Symphony (Facundo Mohrr Remix) [Vapour Recordings].mp3
Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow – Biocosmic Symphony (GMJ Cosmic Space Remix) [Vapour Recordings].mp3
Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow – Biocosmic Symphony [Vapour Recordings].mp3
Kino Todo – Space Sum Feat. Soli [Blue Shadow].mp3
Loni – Boys & Girls (Snyl Remix) [Ritual].mp3
Loni – Boys & Girls [Ritual].mp3
Losless – Away (Original Mix).mp3
Lui Mafuta & AKASHA MX – Six White Horses [AKASHA MX].mp3
Madota – Pomzi.mp3
Malone, Calussa – More Life (After Hours Mix).mp3
Malone, Calussa – More Life (Original Mix).mp3
Max Freegrant, Kamilo Sanclemente – Reaching the Edge (Extended Mix).mp3
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Perel Remix).mp3
Novakk – Digital Anxiety.mp3
Novakk – Prosopagnosia.mp3
Oliver & Tom – Orfeo (EMPHI Remix) [PHW Elements].mp3
Oliver & Tom – Orfeo (Fabri Lopez & Andres Moris Remix) [PHW Elements].mp3
Oliver & Tom – Orfeo [PHW Elements].mp3
Outcome Philipp Straub – Retrograde (Original Mix).mp3
Ozgur Uzar – Listen to the Horror Stories (Original Mix).mp3
Ozgur Uzar – Temptation Deep (Original Mix).mp3
Parra For Cuva – Her Entrance (Innellea’s Interstellar Remix).mp3
Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato – Artificial (Original Mix).mp3
Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato – Mr. Zurkon (Original Mix).mp3
Rue, Alastor – Zaider [Songspire Records].mp3
Ryan Murgatroyd ft. Myburgh – Methane (Extended Mix).mp3
Shai T – Hypnotic.mp3
Soma Soul – Inside Ascension [Fayer].mp3
Soma Soul – The Sound of the Athabasca River (feat. Ed Begley) [Lehar Remix] [Fayer].mp3
Spencer Brown – Thanks Guy (Original Mix).mp3
Tita Lau – The Sequel (Extended Mix).mp3
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Plastic Face (Amir Telem Remix).mp3
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Plastic Face.mp3
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Solsticio (SINAN Remix).mp3
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Solsticio.mp3
Trance Wax – Beul Un Latha (Kevin De Vries Remix) [Anjunabeats].mp3
White Cliffs – Just Like You (Joris Voorn Extended Mix).mp3

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Most Wanted DJ Chart [21-June-2021]

Alessio Bianchi – Attention (Original Mix).mp3
Alexander Alar – Ko Phangan (feat. Govor) [AYU Remix] [Bassmatic records].mp3
Alexander Alar – Ko Phangan (feat. Govor) [Bassmatic records].mp3
Alexander Alar – Ko Phangan (feat. Govor) [WilyamDeLove & Nobe Remix] [Bassmatic records].mp3
Argia – Reverie (Original Mix).mp3
Bob Sinclar, Steve Edwards – World Hold On (Tom Staar Remix).mp3
Brigado Crew & Far&High – 7.mp3
Brigado Crew, Ubbah – Rocking It (Original Mix).mp3
Catalin Sima, Cata L iN – Ghetto Joy (DJ Entwan Remix).mp3
Cosmic Boys – Elixir (Original Mix).mp3
Cosmic Boys – Out Of Space (Original Mix).mp3
Cyence – Night Flight.mp3
Cyence – Pulsate (Theus Mago Remix).mp3
Cyence – Pulsate.mp3
Cyence – Xero.mp3
Damazio, Extasie – Used to Fall (Original Mix).mp3
Damon Jee – Hangar 77.mp3
DJ Eibhlin – Got Me (Original Mix).mp3
El Mundo, Zazou – Golden Skies (Original).mp3
El Mundo, Zazou – Sands of Time (Original).mp3
El Mundo, Zazou – The River (Original).mp3
El Mundo, Zazou – Watch Me Burn (Original).mp3
Envotion – We Are the Universe (Tali Muss Extended Remix).mp3
Flow & Zeo – Pleasure (Khainz Remix).mp3
Gorge – Erotic Soul (2020 Rework).mp3
Grezzer – Desert Planet [Metro Dance Records].mp3
Grezzer – Scream (Adrian Roman Remix) [Metro Dance Records].mp3
Grezzer – Scream [Metro Dance Records].mp3
Jackarta – Killin Me (Original Mix).mp3
Jackarta – You Are (Original Mix).mp3
Juliche Hernandez – Portrait (Original Mix).mp3
Kay-D – Far Away (Ric Niels Remix).mp3
Kofla – Me Gustas Tu (Original Mix).mp3
Leo Sagrado – Dance in Silence [Inner Shah Recordings].mp3
Malone, The Kimonos – Bana (BLOND_ISH Touch Edit) [Abracadabra Music].mp3
Manu Gonzalez – Sexy Thing (Black Circle, Matthias Tanzmann Remix) [Stride].mp3
Mar Dean – The Speech [Heinz Music].mp3
Marc Romboy – Empathy (Original Mix).mp3
Matroda, Bleu Clair – Disco Tool (Original Mix).mp3
Meduza, Elroii – Headrush (Extended Mix).mp3
Miss Monique, Nahue Sintes, JOSEFINA – Don’t Come Back (feat. JOSEFINA) (Extended Mix).mp3
Moziz – Tacenda (Lycos Remix).mp3
Mr.Basic, Touch The Sound – Bonjour Paris (Original Mix).mp3
Musumeci, Lehar & Jably – Asafir (6AM).mp3
Nacho Scoppa – Positive Mind (Original Mix).mp3
Pant‚ – Deep Forest Night (Extended Mix).mp3
PAX – Intentions (Extended Mix).mp3
Pura Vida Blanca – Arlanza (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Recordings].mp3
Rafael Cerato – Evaporate.mp3
Robin Schellenberg & VRuno – Odium (Original Mix).mp3
RSRRCT – Ghosts from My Past.mp3
Sassa & Flaor – Rise (feat. Artem Tolkach) [Ambivert (Media Records Evo)].mp3
Simon Vuarambon – Lazos (Original Mix).mp3
Solee – Reboot .mp3
Stylo & Space Motion – Yeke Yeke (Original Mix).mp3
Technasia – Freak Attack feat. Tony Raponi [].mp3
Teho – Glacier 3000.mp3
The Organism – Radha (Whitesquare Remix).mp3
Theus Mago – Angola (Original Mix).mp3
Ultrasoul – Marimba.mp3
Unnayanaa, Fitsum – Eski Dosew Yewta feat. Fitsum (Original Mix).mp3
Volkoder – Hey (Original Mix).mp3
Will Taylor (UK) – Ordinary Things (Extended Mix).mp3
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Melios.mp3
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Midnight Sky.mp3
Wurtz, Iberian Muse – Sense.mp3

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Most Wanted DJs Chart [14-June-2021]

4HANDZ – House Party (Extended Mix).mp3
Agent Greg – Flirting (Original Mix).mp3
Alexx Fall, Sebastian Badi – Sandunga (Extended Mix).mp3
Argy – Ketuvim (Original Mix).mp3
BRK (BR) – Sexy People (Original Mix).mp3
Carbon – Circular Metal (Original Mix).mp3
Carbon, Aves Volare – The Fire in Me (Original Mix).mp3
CASSIMM – Down To Me (Original Mix).mp3
Central Beat – Minimalist (Mateo! Remix).mp3
Chapter & Verse – Lights Go Out (Extended Mix).mp3
Charlotte de Witte – Doppler.mp3
Charlotte de Witte – Formula.mp3
Charlotte de Witte – RPM.mp3
Cj Jeff – Hermanos (Extended Mix).mp3
Cloonee – Sun Goes Down (Extended Mix).mp3
Damon Jee – Hangar 77.mp3
Damon Jee – Suicidal World (Original Mix).mp3
Dor Danino – Shnekel (Tal Fussman Remix).mp3
Dub Pepper, Brosso – No Control.mp3
Evegrem & Axel Zambrano – Mistakes (Andre Moret Remix).mp3
Evegrem & Axel Zambrano – Mistakes (Da Luka & Jorgio Kioris Remix).mp3
Evegrem & Axel Zambrano – Mistakes.mp3
Fiberroot – Dentro Del Exterior.mp3
Frankie Solano – Ladies Perfume Original Mix.mp3
Gui Costa – Illusion (Extended Mix).mp3
Jakob Apelian – Kimchi Jazz.mp3
Jakob Apelian – Let Me Explain.mp3
Jeff Veliz – Ritmo.mp3
Jepe – Distant Disco.mp3
Joe Mesmar – Born to Be Free.mp3
Jonnas B – A New Day.mp3
Jonnas B – We Are Human.mp3
Joris Voorn – Psyche (Original Mix).mp3
Meerkats – Black Widow (Original Mix).mp3
Nopopstar feat. SevenEver – Other Side (Extended Mix).mp3
Peppou,Rocky – The Secret Room.mp3
Rafael Cerato – Evaporate.mp3
Raxvy – La Trinidad (Extended Mix).mp3
Reezer- Remember Me feat. Michael Nicholas (Original Mix).mp3
Rob Hes – Brave New World (Original Mix).mp3
RoelBeat & Katrin Kittyx – Cosmic Ride (Original Mix).mp3
Sandhog – Night Flight Feat. Nadia.mp3
Sascha Braemer – Analog Garden (AFFKT Remix).mp3
Senses Of Mind – Nemesis (Original Mix).mp3
SIDEPIECE – Acrobatic (Original Mix).mp3
Solomun feat. Jamie Foxx & Amp Fiddler) (Moodymann Extended Remix – Ocean.mp3
Spintribe – BINAC (Biomass Remix).mp3
Spintribe – Binac.mp3
Spintribe – Minotaur.mp3
Sunlight Project – Deep Meditation.mp3
Tal Fussman – Frankfurter Tor (Original Mix).mp3
The Organism – Radha (Whitesquare Remix).mp3
Tulioxi – I’m Used to Music.mp3
YORY – Groove Box.mp3
Zstimer – Knight of the Groove (Original Mix).mp3

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Most Wanted DJs Chart Top [28-May-2021]

Alessio Bianchi – Move Your Body.mp3
Alessio Bianchi – My Life.mp3
Analog Jungs – Satori feat. Abi Ferraresi (Original Mix).mp3
ANATTA – Clean the Needle (Original Mix).mp3
ANATTA – W.F.U.N.K. (Original Mix).mp3
Andre Winter – Brunswick (BOHO & Rachel Raw Remix).mp3
Andre Winter – Brunswick.mp3
Andre Winter – Sismique (Sinisa Tamamovic Remix).mp3
Andre Winter – Sismique.mp3
Baime – Curve Of The Sun.mp3
Baime – Saints Of The Dawn.mp3
Baime – Satara.mp3
Baime, Chris McCarthy – Places We Hide (Original Mix).mp3
Ben Delay Feat. Tess Leah – Before I Let Go (Qubiko Extended Remix).mp3
Brokenears, Robert Owens – On It’s Way (Supernova Remix).mp3
Carloh – So Good (Javi Bora Remix).mp3
Ceci feat. Lywe – Chase It (Cocho Remix).mp3
Damazio, Extasie – Used to Fall (Original Mix).mp3
Deborah De Luca – Fuori (Carl Cox Remix).mp3
Deepofomin – Morning LFO (DP-6 Remix) [DP-6 Records].mp3
EDX – Ecletric (Extended Mix).mp3
Forest Weed – Choices (Kevin Yair Remix) [PHW Elements].mp3
Highjacks – Carbon (Extended Mix).mp3
Highjacks – Lunar (Extended Mix).mp3
Highjacks – Void (Extended Mix).mp3
Mani – Juno’s Heartbeat (Budakid & Jamie Stevens Remix).mp3
Matias Oca¤o – She’s a Diamond.mp3
Murat Uncuoglu – Dairy.mp3
Murat Uncuoglu – Invisible Eyes.mp3
Murat Uncuoglu – Sooner or Later.mp3
NightFunk – Wonderland (Original Mix).mp3
Oliver Heldens Feat. Syd Silvair – Never Look Back (Wh0 Extended Remix).mp3
Paradoks – Flourish (Extended Mix).mp3
Peter Makto – Bedouin (Erdi Irmak Remix) [Zenebona].mp3
Peter Makto – Bedouin (Renga Weh Remix) [Zenebona].mp3
Peter Makto – Bedouin [Zenebona].mp3
Richy Ahmed – I Need It (Ray Mono Remix).mp3
Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones – I Need It (Butch Remix).mp3
Rony Seikaly – Mila (Bedouin Remix) [Stride].mp3
Sailor & I – Sleep feat. Luca Vasta (Andhim Extended Remix) [METAPHYSICAL].mp3
Sinan Arsan & Axel Zambrano – Golden [RPO Records].mp3
Sinan Arsan & Axel Zambrano – Secrets (Original Mix).mp3
Sinner & James – Bad Like Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Sound Quelle, Jackarta – Froggy (Extended Mix).mp3
T.S.O.S. & Benjy – Kalamba [Moon Rocket Music].mp3
Takiru, Dor Reuveni, Mosko (IL) – Nadlan feat. Loco Hot (Made in TLV Version).mp3
The Sei – Metroma (Jonas Rathsman Remake Extended).mp3
TNTS – Caelum – Zoo Brazil Remix.mp3
VNTM – Deceiving Tendencies (Original Mix).mp3
VNTM – Disrupting Machines.mp3
Whispers – In My Soul (Original Mix).mp3

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