Remix Pack [16-December-2021]

Afro House
Jackson Brainwave – Furahini (Beats) [MoBlack Records]
Jackson Brainwave – Furahini (Instrumental) [MoBlack Records]
Jackson Brainwave – Furahini (Stripped) [MoBlack Records]
Jackson Brainwave – Furahini [MoBlack Records]

Bass House
Dillon Marinez – No Pressure [Dirtybird]

Breaks & Breakbeat
Dustin Zahn – Next Level Looseness [Rekids]

Deep House
B&S Concept – I Want You Back [Large Music]
B&S Concept – Need It [Large Music]
Basic 96 – Concept Things [Conceptual]
Basic 96 – Dancer [Conceptual]
Basic 96 – Wanna Say [Conceptual]
Danny Serrano – The Haven (Dilby Extended Remix) [8Bit]
Danny Serrano – The Haven (Extended Mix) [8Bit]
Nas Elmes – Keep On Shining (Lucas Alexander Remix) [PUSH]

Funky House
& My Mother Say – You Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
225 South – Chaka (Original Mix)
2Sher, Paul Ercossa & Sunflare – Anytime (Original Mix)
Aback – Flashback (Original Mix)
Abundance – Diamonds (Radio Edit)
Acido – What We Like (Original Mix)
Adam Carusso & Xindo Gomes – Roffajack (Raw Mix)
Aerodynamic – Feels So Right (Original Mix)
AGAPO – Shifters (Lost In Ibiza) (Radio Edit)
Agent Blak – The Void (Original Mix)
Al Macario – Vibe On Me (Original Mix)
Alessandro Arbola – I’m Gonna Take (Tom Special Interest Remix)
Alex Agore – Soul Deep (Original Mix)
Alex Augello – Gentlemen (Steve Steers Scoundrel Mix)
Andy Wilson – Keep On Dreaming (MiTM Reality Of Dreams Remix)
Angela Fisken – Esquiva! (Greg Churchill Remix)
Another Jack – Pili (Original Mix)
Antonio Mu¤oz – Discussing (Original Mix)
Antonio Ocasio – Nuff Said., Daddy-O (Original Mix)
APPRENTI – Orlando (Original Mix)
Aras Kutay – Feel In Love (Original Mix)
Arnell Newman featuring James Perri – Com’On (LimeLight Power Mix)
Arthur Nerino ft Marko Zeta – Step To Heaven (Air Mix)
Audio Jacker – Rumours (Dub Mix)
¡r”s – Pantheonic (Remastered)

Amouyal – Deep Night (Original Mix)
Ben Muetsch, Neal Porter – Bola (Original Mix) [Moonbootique]
Ben Muetsch, Neal Porter – My Life (Dub Mix) [Moonbootique]
Ben Muetsch, Neal Porter – My Life (Original Mix) [Moonbootique]
Chemical Crash – 2021 (Original Mix)
DJ with Soul – The Three Elements (Dub Mix)
Ezequiel G – C’mere [Robsoul]
Ezequiel G – House Bass [Robsoul]
Ezequiel G – Party Started [Robsoul]
FormulaK feat Tess Leah – I Pray (Peter Brown Remix)
Gustavo Grajales – Dance Flowers (Original Mix)
In It Together, Alimish & JazzyFunk – If We Choose Love (JazzyFunk Remix)
Jack District – Eyes On You (Original Mix)
James Silk – Some More (Original Mix)
Jose Vizcaya – Las Mujeres (Original Mix)
Juvenile Delinquents & Brian Smith – Love Me Again (Extended Mix)
Kennedy – Going Home (Original Mix)
Kurkdroog – Boksesjieters (Original Mix)
Leonardo Gonnelli – Funk In Love [MUSE]
Marco Barci – Interference (Original Mix)
Mauri Fly – It’s All About Music (Original Mix)
Mitad – Alien (Original Mix)
Myster Markuz – Fantastic (Extended Mix)
Overproof featuring Polly Yates – Reason (Extended Edit)
Paolo Barbato – The Groove, The Bass (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons – Think About You (Original Mix)
Retrofox – Good Fish (Original Mix)
ROMAN REISS – Aint Nobody Else (Original Mix)
Simone D Jay – Move Your Feet (Original Mix)
Stefan Groove – Thinking About You (Original Mix)
System Addict – Just Be Yourself (Original Mix)
Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti – New Dawn (Kolombo Remix)

Jackin House
Ezequiel G – Can’t Explain [Robsoul]
Ezequiel G – The Bad Boys [Robsoul]
Ezequiel G – Turn Me [Robsoul]

Melodic House & Techno
AURIN (IN) – Light Years Away [Duenia]
AURIN (IN) – Lost in Time [Duenia]
Da Fresh – Anachronism [PLAY IT]
Francesco Fernandez – Back Room [Natura Viva]
Francesco Fernandez – D‚j… Vu [Natura Viva]
Francesco Fernandez – Noir [Natura Viva]
Francesco Fernandez – Zodiac [Natura Viva]
Monkey Brothers – Fractales [Parallel Label]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Nas Elmes – Jam Anthem [PUSH]
Nas Elmes – Keep On Shining [PUSH]
Nas Elmes – Make Me [PUSH]

Tech House
Danny Serrano – The History (Extended Mix) [8Bit]
Dillon Marinez – Come On [Dirtybird]
Edwin Oosterwal – Elasticity (Dennis Quin Remix) [Rejected]
Hassio (COL) – Burning Grill [NastyFunk Records]
Hassio (COL) – Flash the Move [NastyFunk Records]
Joshwa, Martin Badder – Off Limits (Extended Mix) [Cr2 Records]
Leonardo Gonnelli – Terrrr [MUSE]
Leonardo Gonnelli, Adne – Never Be Free [MUSE]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Elso (GER) – Seduction [Phobiq]
Elso (GER) – Whiteness [Phobiq]
Hermann Hesse – Future is an Enigma [Gryphon Recordings]
Hermann Hesse – Hold On [Gryphon Recordings]
Jogger (Es) – Oricalco (Darian Jaburg Remix) [Black Snake Recordings]
Jogger (Es) – Oricalco (Original Mix) [Black Snake Recordings]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Anna V. – Aether [Noir Music]
Anna V. – The Fallen Angel [Noir Music]
Anna V. – The Flea and The Acrobat [Noir Music]
Anna V. – Ultraviolet [Noir Music]
Dustin Zahn – Crimson Cheeks [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Days Like These [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Lucid Dreams [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Shark Rodeo ft. Jeremy Black [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Smoking In Silence [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Tangie Groove [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Tell Me About Paradise [Rekids]
Edwin Oosterwal – Elasticity (Alden Tyrell Remix) [Rejected]
Monobox – Angel City [M-Plant]
Monobox – Blackwater Canal [M-Plant]
Monobox – Drydock [M-Plant]
Monobox – Exoplanet [M-Plant]
Monobox – Regenerate [M-Plant]
Monobox – Rise [M-Plant]
Monobox – Wargames [M-Plant]

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Remix Pack [15-December-2021]

Afro House
Klaus – Lucky Holler (Enoo Napa Afro Mix) [Wanderlust Records]

Breaks & Breakbeat
Levin Kee – I Think I’m Ok [Miura Records]
Levin Kee – Take Me Away [Miura Records]

Deep House
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Sean & Tommy’s Old Skool Dub) [Foliage Records]
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Sean & Tommy’s Old Skool Dubstrumental) [Foliage Records]
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Instrumental Remix) [Foliage Records]
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remix Edit) [Foliage Records]
Jimpster, Rich Medina – This Thing (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remix) [Foliage Records]
Jrgen Kaisr – Machine Lullaby [Plastic City]
Jrgen Kaisr – Patterns [Plastic City]
Jrgen Kaisr – The Cyclist [Plastic City]
Musk – 925 (Ian Pooley Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
YokoO, atish – Atman [SATYA]
YokoO, atish – Inner Labyrinth [SATYA]
YokoO, atish – Words To Say [SATYA]

9th House – Xarraca (Pikes Mix) [W&O Street Tracks]
9th House – Xarraca [W&O Street Tracks]
George Feely – I Just Want 2 Say [Hot Haus Recs]
George Feely – Spicy Mistress [Hot Haus Recs]
George Feely – XSTATIC [Hot Haus Recs]
Matrefakt – What I Do (Machine Mix) [Of Unsound Mind]
Matrefakt – What I Do [Of Unsound Mind]
Matrefakt, Culture Jam, Eva Dillon – You [Of Unsound Mind]
Ozzie Guven – Dubaholics [Seven Dials Records]

Indie Dance
9th House – Tanit [W&O Street Tracks]
Hidden Culture – Acid Lust [ANTI FREQUENCE]
Hidden Culture – Last Light [ANTI FREQUENCE]
Hidden Culture,ROB-IIN – Survivor Ft. ROB-IIN [ANTI FREQUENCE]

Melodic House & Techno
Klaus – Lucky Holler (minds&machines Remix) [Wanderlust Records]
Klaus – Lucky Holler [Wanderlust Records]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Branca – Rocky Speaks [Mr. Carter]
Branca – You Don’t Know [Mr. Carter]
Ferdinando Daneri – Movement [Fleshtones]
Ferdinando Daneri – Pacific Ocean [Fleshtones]
Ferdinando Daneri – Relax [Fleshtones]
Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona – With You (Jay Oss Remix) [Arawak Records]
Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona – With You [Arawak Records]
Lauhaus, Mario Franca – For Real (Augusto Gagliardi Remix) [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Levin Kee – 2 Drunk 2 Funk [Miura Records]
Levin Kee – Nightcall [Miura Records]
Mike.D – Mente Trascendente (Len Lewis Remix) [Futura]
Mike.D – Mente Trascendente [Futura]
Mike.D – Sendero Interno (Do Or Die Remix) [Futura]
Mike.D – Sendero Interno [Futura]
Ozzie Guven – Brass Disk [Seven Dials Records]
Perky Wires – Sing It Back (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
YokoO, atish – Words To Say (Sepp Remix) [SATYA]

Nu Disco & Disco
Musk – 925 [Permanent Vacation]

Organic House & Downtempo
Fran&co,Zoe Maria (AM) – Emma is Changing the Rules (Extended Dub Mix) [Mad Hatter]
Fran&co,Zoe Maria (AM) – Emma is Changing the Rules (Extended Vocal Mix) [Mad Hatter]
Fran&co,Zoe Maria (AM) – Emma is Changing the Rules [Mad Hatter]
Francisco Castro – Lotus (Derk Remix) [Droid9 South America]
Josta – Homegrown [Stellar Fountain]
Josta – Waterworks (Thales Senses Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
Josta – Waterworks [Stellar Fountain]
Lupe Republic – Find Me (RYAN Remix) [Random Rec]
The Cobb – Voda (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [-102øC]
The Cobb – Voda [-102øC]
V.Souza, Grance (BR) – Jessy (Peve Remix) [Fluxo]
V.Souza, Grance (BR) – Jessy [Fluxo]

Progressive House
Cezar Nica – Hyperion [YOMO Records]
Cezar Nica – Umbriel [YOMO Records]
Darren Bray – Nebula [Superordinate Music]
Darren Bray – Varda [Superordinate Music]
Dowden, Cezar Nica – Mayan [YOMO Records]
Francisco Castro – Firefly (Andres Moris Remix) [Droid9 South America]
Francisco Castro – Firefly [Droid9 South America]
Francisco Castro – Lotus [Droid9 South America]
Juan Ibanez, Casper Keys – Shaman (Derk Remix) [SLC-6 Music]
Juan Ibanez, Casper Keys – Shaman (Paul Hamilton & DJ Ruby Remix) [SLC-6 Music]
Juan Ibanez, Casper Keys – Shaman [SLC-6 Music]
KODA (LK) – Aelia [Balkan Connection South America]
KODA (LK) – My Summer in Tokyo [Balkan Connection South America]
Lupe Republic – Find Me [Random Rec]
Messier – Dungeon (Alnath Remix) [Natura Viva Black]
Messier – Dungeon (Around Us Remix) [Natura Viva Black]
Messier – Dungeon (Di Rugerio Remix) [Natura Viva Black]
Messier – Dungeon (Wabe Remix) [Natura Viva Black]
Messier – Dungeon [Natura Viva Black]
NeoTraffic – Another Day (Ias Ferndale Remix) [BC2]
NeoTraffic – Another Day (Orgymu5ik Remix) [BC2]
NeoTraffic – Another Day [BC2]
The Dara – Kult (Arnaud Cordova & Julian Rodriguez) [ICONYC Noir]
The Dara – Kult (Narik Remix) [ICONYC Noir]
The Dara – Kult (Original Mix) [ICONYC Noir]
Y KOJ, Kosala B – Breath of Soum (Sapienta Remix) [Another Life Music]
Y KOJ, Kosala B – Breath of Soum [Another Life Music]
Y KOJ, Kosala B – Sunset in Unawatuna (Nico Beren Remix) [Another Life Music]
Y KOJ, Kosala B – Sunset in Unawatuna [Another Life Music]
Yuriy From Russia,Inesse – Last Kiss (Chook Remix) [MNL]
Yuriy From Russia,Inesse – Last Kiss (Dub Mix) [MNL]
Yuriy From Russia,Inesse – Last Kiss [MNL]

Tech House
Antss, Marcellus – Bomba (Got To Have It) [elrow Music]
Daniel Orpi – The Get Down [elrow Music]
Gosts – Selfish (Extended Mix) [Pixelate]
Gosts – We Let It Go (Extended Mix) [Pixelate]
Hitch – Titulo Desconocido (2050 edit) [elrow Music]
Juan Dragster – Majestic [Remind Recordings]
Juan Dragster – Too See [Remind Recordings]
Juan Dragster – Zoo [Remind Recordings]
Lauhaus, Mario Franca – For Real [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Marcel Reix – Celebrando [BANDIDOS]
Marcel Reix – She’s Right (Marcel Bandidos Mix) [BANDIDOS]
Marcel Reix – She’s Right [BANDIDOS]
Moreno Pezzolato – Tunnel (Luigi Rocca Remix) [303lovers]
Moreno Pezzolato – Tunnel (Paolo Martini Remix) [303lovers]
PEZNT – Ride with Me (Angelo Ferreri ‘HouseCool’ Remix) [Motive Records]
PEZNT – Ride with Me (Gettoblaster Remix) [Motive Records]
RYBO & Monoky – The Drip [elrow Music]
Ssero – Body Beat [elrow Music]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Daniel Levak – Tunnel [ALAULA Music]
Desa – I Wanna Rave (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings]
Diego Negretti – Alternate Reality [IAMT]
Diego Negretti – Indistinct [IAMT]
Gianni Di Bernardo, Rian Wood – Drippin (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings]
Karlo Wanny – Kontractions [Reload Black Label]
Karlo Wanny – Regenerate [Reload Black Label]
Leo Paoletta – Antarctica [Natura Viva Black]
Leo Paoletta – First Salt (Madness Mix) [Natura Viva Black]
Leo Paoletta – Ironman Bros [Natura Viva Black]
Leo Paoletta – Pacific Ocean [Natura Viva Black]
Lorenzo Rios – Cyx (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings]
Martin Villalba – New Era Original Mix [Neu Gravity]
Martin Villalba – Two Days In The Living Original Mix [Neu Gravity]
Pryolo – Aufruhr [IAMT]
Pryolo – Kraftschluss [IAMT]
Simone Tavazzi – Quark (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings]
Varsente – Adrenaline Rush Accelerate [IAMT Red]
Who Is Hush – Face Lift (Original Mix) [Odd Recordings]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Alternative Mix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Bruno Mendoza Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Carlo Medel 2.0 Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Carlo Medel Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Cassnow Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Matheus Abrahao Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo (Pedrassani Remix) [1980 Recordings]
Bruno Mendoza,Rizza – El Recuerdo [1980 Recordings]
Rhythm Assembler – Just Another One [made of CONCRETE]
Rhythm Assembler – Mangle [made of CONCRETE]
Rhythm Assembler – Structure (Johannes Volk Remix) [made of CONCRETE]
Rhythm Assembler – Structure [made of CONCRETE]

UK Garage & Bassline
Ozzie Guven – Melody [Seven Dials Records]

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Remix Pack [14-December-2021]

Bass & Club
Ryan Clover – Stay By My Side [Arts]

Breaks & Breakbeat
KUSP (UK) – Folding feat. Pablo_Rita (Extended) [Rekids]
KUSP (UK) – Folding feat. Pablo_Rita (Radio Slave `New Age Of Love’ Remix) [Rekids]
KUSP (UK) – Folding feat. Pablo_Rita (Roman Flgel Remix) [Rekids]

Deep House
Ante Perry & Kolombo – Gerry [Colore]
Muzzaik – Ride [Colore]
Own.Way – Deepest First [Colore]
Sebastian Gudding – Cerveza [Colore]
TacoMan, Raized – Betamax [Whoyostro]

Thommes Jay__ – Surcharge (Original Mix) [Studio3000 Records]

Martin Waslewski – Better Day [Hommage]

Indie Dance
Ubbah – Cyborg [Sincopat]
Ubbah – Mechanical Dream [Sincopat]
Ubbah – Neon Lights [Sincopat]
Ubbah – Wired & Sealed (Sasha Carassi Remix) [Sincopat]
Ubbah – Wired & Sealed [Sincopat]
Ubbah, Sezer Uysal – Space Wars [Sincopat]

Melodic House & Techno
Robots With No Soul – Sedona Circle [Last Night On Earth]
Words of Nio – Cold Shoulder (Helsloot Extended Remix) [Get Physical Music]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Mata Jones – Life (Deep Mix) [Street King]
Mata Jones – Life [Street King]
Sidney Charles – Borneo [Key Records]
Sidney Charles – Fit For Funk [Key Records]
Sidney Charles – Kat Kit [Key Records]
Sidney Charles – Motion Capture [Key Records]
TacoMan, Raized – Blame It [Whoyostro]
TacoMan, Raized – Funktastic [Whoyostro]

Organic House & Downtempo
Awka – Fruits Of The Earth [Akbal Music]
Jim Rider – Clem Fandango [Akbal Music]
Niko Schwind, Robbie Akbal – Caminando de Noche (feat. Ay Sarita) [Akbal Music]
Simone Vitullo, Tanit – Rorogwela (Extended Mix) [Go Deeva Records]
Somelee – Komal [Akbal Music]

Tech House
Agoria – Baptˆme (Lucky Blue Eyes Version – Agoria Retouch) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Anna Reusch – My Own [Colore]
Audio Junkies – Fetish (Lonya Mix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Blond_ish – Wunderkammer [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Butch – In Gods Arms [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Dave DK – Smukke Lyde [Colore]
David Keno, Jaxson & Adeline Supreme – Hoby (Oliver Shories Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Delon & Dalcan – Freak [Colore]
Dompe – Revolution [Colore]
Dusty Kid – Kore (Marek Hemmann Remix) [Colore]
Elio Riso & Lucio Spain – Breaking Minds [Colore]
Emerson Todd – The Day Before [Colore]
Florian Meindl – Desert Times (feat. Ricardo Phillips) [Boris Brejcha Remix Re-Mastered] [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl, Christian Smith – Desire [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl, Oliver Koletzki – Tiger [FLASH Recordings]
Gorge – You [Colore]
Grace In Space – Bad Karma [Colore]
Luna City Express – Cdg [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Manon – Pulsnote [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Marek Hemmann – Ntmyt [Colore]
Mata Jones – Million Dollars (Instrumental Mix) [Street King]
Mata Jones – Million Dollars (Vocal Mix) [Street King]
Matt Sassari – Swesay [Colore]
Moe Ferris – See You In [Colore]
Nick Curly – Headcount [Colore]
Outway – The Step [Colore]
Own.Way – Hand Made (Sascha Wallus Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Ozgur Can – Turn the Page [Colore]
PAWSA – Hypnotic Dub [Solid Grooves Raw]
Ryan Clover – Disrespectful [Arts]
Sarovia – Hear the Sound [New Violence Records]
Sarovia – No Rest [New Violence Records]
Sebrok – The Truth (Layo & Bushwacka Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Senzala – Relax [Stereo Productions]
Senzala – Sit Down [Stereo Productions]
Senzala – Zone [Stereo Productions]
Timboletti – Mistake (Breger Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Toddee – Everything [Desfase Records]
Toddee – Music in Me [Desfase Records]
Tomi&Kesh, Cosmin Horatiu – Been a While (Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Tomi&Kesh, Cosmin Horatiu – Heavy Hitter (Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Tomi&Kesh, Cosmin Horatiu – Out of the Blue (Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Toni Varga, Richard Cleber – Speed of Sound [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Warren Blake – Real Shit [La Pera Records]
Warren Blake – Talk [La Pera Records]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Damon Jee – Itaim (John Acquaviva Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Elek-Fun, Fran Navaez – Connected (Jon Rundell Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Florian Meindl – Deep Diving [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl – Deeply Hooked (Oliver Schories remix) [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl – Forget the World [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl – The Beginning (Stephan Bodzin Stratos Remix) [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl – The Journey [FLASH Recordings]
Florian Meindl – The Theorem [FLASH Recordings]
Joachim Spieth – Novembertraum (Markus Guentner Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Kellerkind – Natural Juice [FLASH Recordings]
KUSP (UK) – Be in the Moment (Rudosa Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
KUSP (UK) – Folding feat. Pablo_Rita (KUSP ‘After Dark’ Mix) [Rekids]
LEKTRK – Blackout (Original Mix) [Mavic Music]
LEKTRK – Retour (Original Mix) [Mavic Music]
LEKTRK – Second Wave (Original Mix) [Mavic Music]
Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r – Stay with Me (feat. Arc) [Rafael Cerato Orchestra Remix] [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Marco Bailey – Globe [Materia]
Marco Bailey – Insert [Materia]
Marco Bailey – Xytrik [Materia]
Marco B„nder – Daily Nutrition [Phobiq]
Marco B„nder – Human Access [Phobiq]
Marco B„nder – Intermolekulare Bindung [Phobiq]
Marco B„nder – PPAP Key [Phobiq]
Mauro Picotto – I Am What I Am (Carlo Lio Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Maxime Dangles – Around [FLASH Recordings]
Melvin Spix – Compound [Reload Records]
Melvin Spix – Control [Reload Records]
MikeroBenics – Julika (Toni Rios Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Monokrome – Basement Noises [Renesanz]
Monokrome – Monoryh [Renesanz]
Monokrome – Uncommon Desires [Renesanz]
Oliver Moldan – Beef (Tom Hades Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Pablo Say – Sendas [Gain Records]
Pablo Say – TH2 [Gain Records]
Pablo Say – TR2 [Gain Records]
Per Hammar – Convoy [FLASH Recordings]
Ramon Tapia – Away (Chopstick & Johnjon Instrumental Remix) [FLASH Recordings]
Resistance D – Airwalker [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Dark Side [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Feel High (Club Mix) [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Human ’98 (Resistance D Extended Mix) [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Live at Mayday 1995 [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Sonntagsmorgenruhe [Harthouse]
Resistance D – Throm 03 [Harthouse]
Resistance D – You Were There (Extended Version) [Harthouse]
Resistance D, Sophia Sands – Impression (Extended Instrumental) [Harthouse]
Resistance D, Sophia Sands – Impression (Extended Vox) [Harthouse]
Rings of Neptune – Aurinko (Drumcomplex Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Ryan Clover – Proper Club Attire [Arts]
Ryan Clover – Stay By My Side (Jerome Hill Remix) [Arts]
SAM WOLFE, Andrea Garcia – Prison Break [1605]
Sam WOLFE, Kreecher – 1984 [1605]
Shekon – Puzzle (Maxime Dangles Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Simone Tavazzi – Hexagon [Planet Rhythm]
Simone Tavazzi – Kelp [Planet Rhythm]
Simone Tavazzi – Observe [Planet Rhythm]
Simone Tavazzi – Space Research [Planet Rhythm]
Stefano Noferini – Extramelody (Drunken Kong Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]

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Remix Pack [08-December-2021]

Afro House
Yamil, Thimble – Guerreiro da Paz [Monaberry]

Andrew Thomas – Kiss the Horizon [Kompakt]
Blank Gloss – Anticlimbers [Kompakt]
Joachim Spieth & Pepo Galan – Luna [Kompakt]
Max Wrden & Pepo Galan – Seis Minutos Mas [Kompakt]
Max Wrden – Elan [Kompakt]
Max Wrden – Retrospektive [Kompakt]
Morgen Wrden – Weiht (feat. Maria Estrella) [Kompakt]
Reich & Wrden – Grainscan [Kompakt]
Thomas Fehlmann – Rosen Fliegen [Kompakt]
Thore Pfeiffer – Isola [Kompakt]
Thore Pfeiffer – Taunus [Kompakt]
Triola – Mutterkorn [Kompakt]

Bass House
Shalwar mein Talwar – Hash and Booty [Ajabtaal]

Deep House
Saison – Harrow & Heathens (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Ajeeb Tale [Ajabtaal]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Margalla [Ajabtaal]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Moving Averages [Ajabtaal]
Solid Gold Playaz – Do You Think_ [Freerange Records]
Solid Gold Playaz – My Soul Is Quiet [Freerange Records]
Solid Gold Playaz – Next To Me [Freerange Records]
Trevor Gordon – Asteroids [Piston Recordings]
Trevor Gordon – C.B.S. [Piston Recordings]
Trevor Gordon – The Cosmos [Piston Recordings]

Ananda Project – Bahia (Unreleased Stan Zeff Dub) [King Street Sounds]
Andrey Exx & Thomas Sun – Be Free [King Street Sounds]
Andy Bach – Right Now [King Street Sounds]
Antonello Ferrari – Beautiful View (feat. Dawn Tallman) [Masaki Morii Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo – One Desire (Crazibiza Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Big Moses – Never Again (feat. Kenny Bobien) [Kelvin Sylvester Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Blaze & Palmer Brown – Jump 4 Luv (DJ Spen Re-Edit) [King Street Sounds]
Blaze & UDAUFL – Most Precious Love (feat. Barbara Tucker) [Alaia & Gallo Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Christos Fourkis – Keao [King Street Sounds]
Darksidevinyl & Archy – Tanbur [King Street Sounds]
Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (feat. Danil Wright) [Paul Adam Club Mix] [King Street Sounds]
Dennis Ferrer – How Do I Let Go (feat. K.T. Brooks) [DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Dennis Ferrer – Transitions (Christos Fourkis Afrosoul Mix) [King Street Sounds]
Diego Lima & Dmitri Saidi – Superlatino [King Street Sounds]
Diephuis & Eastar – Be Yourself (feat. Tracy Hamlin) [Original Vocal Mix] [King Street Sounds]
Divas of Color – One More Time (feat. Evelyn Champagne King) [DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix] [King Street Sounds]
DJ Fopp & Maurizio Sacchi – Sax Ride (feat. Aaron Tesser) [Dub Mix] [King Street Sounds]
Dj Kone & Marc Palacios – Gaga (feat. DOMy Gee) [Unreleased Alternative Mix] [King Street Sounds]
DJ Pierre – Sometimes I Feel (Return Of The Jaded Remix) [King Street Sounds]
DuBeats & Sex on Decks – Wake Up [King Street Sounds]
Elbert Phillips – Rainforest (feat. Shamrock Guitor) [DeForestation Mix] [King Street Sounds]
Federico Scavo – I Do (Extended Disco Edit) [Toolroom Trax]
Federico Scavo – I Do (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Fellar & LUCASMB – One More Time [King Street Sounds]
From P60 & Lisa Shaw – Magic (Unreleased Manoo Dub) [King Street Sounds]
Giorgio Bassetti – Resoa [King Street Sounds]
Green George & JimiJ – Hooked On You (Unreleased HP Vince Mix Dub) [King Street Sounds]
Heather Johnson – Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Fizzikx Vibe n Soul Vocal Mix) [King Street Sounds]
Jamie Vice – I’ll Be Good (Hotmood Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Johnnydangerous – Calling You Lord (feat. Kenny Bobien) [I¤aky Garcia & Roger Garcia Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Loulou Players – No Matter (The Wig Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Mandal & Forbes – Sapphire (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Masaki Morii & Aaron K. Gray – Right Now (Mark Francis 201 Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Matt Smallwood – Tongue N Groove (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Mike Newman – Miami Rockin’ (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Mood II Swing – Driving Me Crazy (Houseswingers Club Mix) [King Street Sounds]
Namy – Reset (feat. Marc Evans) [FNX Omar Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Nitescape & Queen Rose – Atlantis [King Street Sounds]
Palamino – Oh My! (Unreleased Jihad Muhammad Percussion Dub) [King Street Sounds]
Point85 – Starlight (feat. Maex) [King Street Sounds]
Qubiko & Fabio Ricciuti – Feel Good (Dirty Secretz Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Raul Sanchez – Move That [King Street Sounds]
Roland Clark & Urban Soul – President House (Juli Lee Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Sebb Junior – Nite Grooves [King Street Sounds]
Sillaz – Lap Dance [LouLou Records]
Sillaz – Official Freestyle (Dub Mix) [LouLou Records]
Sillaz – Official Freestyle [LouLou Records]
Silvia Zaragoza & Francois A. – Idinma (feat. Morris Revy) [Luyo Afro Soul Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Simon Adams & Max Millan – Amanecer (feat. Cristina Mendosa) [Dub Version] [King Street Sounds]
Simon Ray & VLTRA (IT) – Au Revoir [King Street Sounds]
Solid Gold Playaz – Who’s Playin For Ya_ [Freerange Records]
Soul Dhamma – If We Could Fly (Sebb Junior Re-Edit) [King Street Sounds]
Stephanie Cooke – Alright (Fizzikx Vocal Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Stephanie Cooke – If I Have To Change (Yuichi Inoue Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Stereosoulz – So Alone [King Street Sounds]
The Revenge – Landline [King Street Sounds]
Tocadisco – Falling (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Tough Love & Man Without A Clue – Surrender (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Ultra Nat‚ – Party Girl (Turn Me Loose) [Unreleased Paul Adam Dub Remix] [King Street Sounds]
Vic Yamamoto – Saxy [King Street Sounds]
Yass – Bring It Up (feat. Inaya Day) [Brokenears Remix] [King Street Sounds]

Indie Dance
Rees – Delta [Shall Not Fade]
Rees – Nipote [Shall Not Fade]
Rees – Romanticism [Shall Not Fade]
Rees – Velvet Dreams [Shall Not Fade]
Vicky Montefusco, Aaryan – Tanwyn [Usanza]

Jackin House
DJ Lora – Get Down (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Ten Story – To the Beat (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]

Melodic House & Techno
Bardeeya – Voyage [Wander Nation Records]
Hoffmen – Chance [KRSL]
Jackie Mayden – Vicious Circle (Gerrit Klutch Remix) [Gedonia]
Jackie Mayden – Vicious Circle – Original Mix [Gedonia]
Nihil Young, The Saunderson Brothers & 7th Star – Gomma (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
OneRec – Sol [Wander Nation Records]
Riigs – Stay Forever (No Distance Remix) [Manual Music]
Riigs – Stay Forever (Skenna Remix) [Manual Music]
Sanjay – Dive (Zoo Brazil Extended Remix) [Purple Condor Records]
Sergio Linares – Symmusic [KRSL]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Huimoon [Ajabtaal]
Soundlimit – Voices (Divestorm Remix) [DHB]
Ton TB – Time and Space (NinetyForty Remix) [Percep-tion]
Vicky Montefusco, Aaryan – Tanwyn (A ú Tonic Remix) [Usanza]
Yamil, Clemente – Minds [Monaberry]
Yola – Uh, I Know [Kindisch]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Shalwar mein Talwar – Pothwari Shrooms [Ajabtaal]
Ton TB – Time and Space (Alexander Koning Remix) [Percep-tion]
Triptah – Bubbling [io.ou records]
Triptah – Null [io.ou records]
Triptah – Peace [io.ou records]

Organic House & Downtempo
Yamil – Believe [Monaberry]

Progressive House
Abishek – Dark Hours (Rockka Remix) [Wander Nation Records]
Andre Sobota – Saudade (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Daniel Ladox – Faded Soul [Wander Nation Records]
Daniel Vilchez – Exile (Alejo Fochi Remix) [Wander Nation Records]
Gone – Deep Fear (Rockka Extended Remix) [Wander Nation Records]
High On Mars – Aura (Bardeeya Remix) [Wander Nation Records]
Nacho Duncan – Evening at Realico [Wander Nation Records]
Peer Kusiv, Diana Miro – As We Roll [Poesie Musik]
Riigs – Stay Forever [Manual Music]
Rockka & Orgymu5ik – Aurora (OriginalMix) [Wander Nation Records]
Rockka – Irmanke [Wander Nation Records]
Shayan Pasha – Catalina [Wander Nation Records]
Soundlimit – Elements Bizarres (Nico P Remix) [DHB]
Soundlimit – Elements Bizarres [DHB]
Soundlimit – Voices [DHB]
VA O.N.E. – Frei [Wander Nation Records]
Vicky Montefusco, Aaryan – Tanwyn (Heinrich & Heine Remix) [Usanza]
Volkan Erman – Be Quick! [Wander Nation Records]
Yashar – Desolator [Wander Nation Records]
Yashar – Mind Breaker (Agustin Pietrocola Remix) [Wander Nation Records]

Tech House
123XYZ – It’s Back (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Alessandro Arbola – On the Beat [Material]
AnDONUT – Zeina [Material]
Ben Remember – The Villian (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Camille – Canadian Cowboy (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
CASTO & Jay Smith – She’s Crazy [Material]
Catchment – Down with It (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Da Fresh – So Hot (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Danism & Train (UK) – Every Day (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
David Keno, Stage Rockers & Samantha Nova – I Like That (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Dee Montero – Overtime (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Delgado – The Three (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
DJ E-Clyps – Lovin’ (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
DJ Fronter – Trumperc (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
DJ PP & Gabriel Rocha – Josefina (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Doorly – 96 (feat. dAVOS) [Extended Mix] [Toolroom Trax]
Egoism – Be One (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Groovebox – Revolution (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Javi Colina, Quoxx & K-Style – Watermelon [Material]
Jay C & Mikel Curcio – Juggernaut (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
K-Mack – Elevate [Material]
Koen Groeneveld – Undaground (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Luigi Rocca – The Crack of Dawn (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Mark Knight – The Future (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Matt & Kendo – Gardens of Babylon (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Mihalis Safras – Barabas (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Mr. Kavalicious – Killing This Beat (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Phunk Investigation – Fonky (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Pluuto – Palma [Material]
Rektchordz – Kushumo (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Ren‚ Amesz – Others (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Riccardo Sabatini – Can Be [Material]
Sacchi – Hey [Material]
Simone Glad & Brando (US) – Our Mission [Material]
Simone Liberali – Swan (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Extended Dub Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Skober – This Time It’s for Real (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Solarc – Ghosts (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Solarc – Ghosts (Who Else Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Stefano Pini – Insane (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Sydney Blu & Cari Golden – Too Clean (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
The Basilica – Go Down (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Tomy DeClerque – All In (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Wise D & Kobe – Yebane (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
ZOF – So Hot (Extended Version) [Observatory Music]
ZOF – So Hot (Longstocking Extended Remix) [Observatory Music]
ZOF – So Hot (Magda Halina Extended Remix) [Observatory Music]
ZOF – So Hot (TKO Extended Remix) [Observatory Music]
ZOF – So Hot (UZEF Extended Remix) [Observatory Music]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Axel Karakasis – Layer (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Dennis Siemion – Chill the Base [KRSL]
DurtysoxXx – Spam (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
K-Deey – The Bass Buble [KRSL]
Kreisel & Monococ – Expirience [KRSL]
Kyoot – Genesis [KRSL]
Ltzenkirchen – Still Rolling (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Magic Lock – Tornado [KRSL]
Optimuss – On the Limit (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Perconte – Desequilibrio [BaixBaix Rekords]
Perconte – Enajenaci¢n [BaixBaix Rekords]
Perconte – Equilibrio [BaixBaix Rekords]
Perconte – Perturbaci¢n [BaixBaix Rekords]
Perconte – V‚rtigo [BaixBaix Rekords]
VikBlau – Medicine Man [KRSL]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Pund – Tonaku (KRSL Rework) [KRSL]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Kinesics [Ajabtaal]
Shalwar mein Talwar – Paki Tekno [Ajabtaal]
Sosa Ibiza & Dalosy – Hipnosis [KRSL]

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Remix Pack [26-November-2021]

Adrianho – East End of Royston [Tzinah Records]
Agami Mosh – To the Singing of Birds [Set About]
Agami Mosh, Jaw – Twelve [Set About]
Andrew Azara, Robin Fett – Planets [AVOTRE]
Andrew Azara, Robin Fett – Time Machine [AVOTRE]
Avinicio – Crunchy Warp [MNML4U]
Baban – Delivery Guy [Tzinah Records]
Bosquemar, Fyen – Allkn (Uji Remix) [The Magic Movement]
Bosquemar, Fyen – Allkn [The Magic Movement]
Bosquemar, Fyen – Cirros [The Magic Movement]
Bosquemar, Fyen, Natalia Clavier – Tierra Santa [The Magic Movement]
Bruno Aguirre – Apogeo [Orange Recordings]
Bruno Aguirre – Astral [Orange Recordings]
Caio R – I Want [Tzinah Records]
Carabetta – Carnival [Rawthentic]
Carabetta – Thug Life [Rawthentic]
Casey Spillman – Get Upper [Locus]
Casey Spillman – Good Morning Ninety Free [Locus]
Casey Spillman – I Know [Locus]
Casey Spillman – Summer Dreaming [Locus]
Charlie Iapicone, Samuele Atria – Bedroom Jazz [NOPRESET Records]
Charlie Iapicone, Samuele Atria – Drive [NOPRESET Records]
Charlie Iapicone, Samuele Atria – Io [NOPRESET Records]
Charlie Iapicone, Samuele Atria – Now [NOPRESET Records]
Clgr – Soul Facts [Tzinah Records]
Cocho – Everything We Swore [Akbal Music]
David Penn – Losing You (84Bit Remix) [Urbana Recordings]
David Penn – Losing You (Crusy & KPD Remix) [Urbana Recordings]
Dead Space, G. Felix – Treat You Right (Extended Mix) [Armada Subjekt]
Diego Linares – Feelin’ [MNML4U]
DJ Lemy, Niko Garcia – Dancing With Her [Suprematic]
DJ Lemy, Niko Garcia – Wake Up [Suprematic]
DJ Vitto – Astratto [Flashmob Records]
EDUKE – Down To The Groove (Extended Mix) [HAUSA GROOVE]
Emanuele_ – Codice Errato [Amam]
Emanuele_ – Iron Paper [Amam]
Emanuele_ – Odissea del Ritorno [Amam]
Emanuele_ – Toxic Winter [Amam]
Enzo Monza – Celebration [IAMT]
Enzo Monza – Gresca [IAMT]
Fairtone – Dark Matter [Tzinah Records]
Flavius & Boncalo Denis – Degrade [Tzinah Records]
Gadi Mitrani – Stripes on Stars [Akbal Music]
Guille Placencia – Flamingo [La Pera Records]
Guille Placencia – Mamma Jamma [La Pera Records]
Jacobo Saavedra & Catalin Cristian – Airplane [Tzinah Records]
James McGeehan – Peaking (feat. Yalan) [MNML4U]
Jens Lissat, Bisou – Music Is The Answer [Studio3000 Records]
Karl Reyes – O Fresco [MNML4U]
KC Lights, Kye Stones – Hold On [Sola]
Linear State – Early [Tzinah Records]
Liquid Earth – Scope Zone (Youandewan Remix) [Kalahari Oyster Cult (BE)]
Liquid Earth – Scope Zone [Kalahari Oyster Cult (BE)]
Luca Garaboni – Para Mi Gente [Flashmob Records]
Lucas Rosselli – Bomb [Lemon Juice Records]
Lucas Rosselli – From Heart [Lemon Juice Records]
Mac & Ward – Soul Music (Extended Mix) [Techne]
Maksim Dark – Ultimate (Peter Groskreutz Remix) [AlpaKa MuziK]
Maksim Dark – Ultimate [AlpaKa MuziK]
Marco Tegui – Mind Control [Kindisch]
Mariche – Funk Heart [PUSH]
Mariche – My Mind (Elleot Remix) [PUSH]
Mariche – My Mind [PUSH]
Mattias Herrera – Nacht Vogel (Dan Cunha Remix) [Transensations Records]
Mattias Herrera – Nacht Vogel (Dub Mix) [Transensations Records]
Mattias Herrera – Nacht Vogel (Siiker Remix) [Transensations Records]
Mattias Herrera – Nacht Vogel [Transensations Records]
Michel De Hey – Charlie [Future Feel]
Michel De Hey – Furry Dog (M – High Remix) [Future Feel]
Michel De Hey – Furry Dog [Future Feel]
Mike Jaguar, Marcelo Garzozi – Far Tech [New Violence Records]
Mike Jaguar, Marcelo Garzozi – The Police [New Violence Records]
Millhouse – Influences [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Millhouse – Mixing and That [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Millhouse – Session Elbow [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Millhouse – Social Anxiety [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Nikoretti, Wiccuwa – Alpha [Phobiq]
Nikoretti, Wiccuwa – Fearful Odds [Phobiq]
Nikoretti, Wiccuwa – Generate [Phobiq]
Nikoretti, Wiccuwa – Omega [Phobiq]
Oliver Carloni – Fractal [IAMT]
Oliver Carloni – Siren [IAMT]
Origins of Time – Katana [Tzinah Records]
P2 – Tropical Chant (Extended Mix) [NONSTOP]
Patrick Bishop – Little Drummer Boy (Lauer Extended Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
Patrick Bishop – Little Drummer Boy [Permanent Vacation]
Patrick Hero – Pallas (Cosmic Minds Remix) [Rezongar Music]
Patrick Hero – Pallas (Minlab Remix) [Rezongar Music]
Patrick Hero – Pallas (Ornery Remix) [Rezongar Music]
Patrick Hero – Pallas [Rezongar Music]
Ray Mono – Level Up [S.A.S.H.]
Ray Mono – Old School [S.A.S.H.]
Ray Mono – Stay True [S.A.S.H.]
Roma Moss, JetLaim – Awakening [Hidden Vibes]
Roma Moss, JetLaim, HOLY (RU) – Rising [Hidden Vibes]
Sean Harrington – Camden Palace [META]
Sean Harrington – Soul X [META]
SeBass-Tian – Loud Therapy [Tzinah Records]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory (Analog Jungs Alternative Mix) [Moonlight]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory (Analog Jungs Club Mix) [Moonlight]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory (Berni Turletti Instrumental Mix) [Moonlight]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory (Berni Turletti Remix) [Moonlight]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory (Gardoqui & Larrosa Remix) [Moonlight]
Sebastian Busto – The Persistence of Memory [Moonlight]
Serkan Eles – Story of Truth [Akbal Music]
Stockholm Syndrome SK – Delirium [UNCAGE]
Stockholm Syndrome SK – Mind Game [UNCAGE]
Stockholm Syndrome SK – Unbreakable [UNCAGE]
Stockholm Syndrome SK – You Like It [UNCAGE]
Tadix – Space Mission [MNML4U]
Taleman – The Lamp [Akbal Music]
Umid – Colors [Bassmatic records]
Umid – From Dusk Till Down [Bassmatic records]
Vily Vinilo – Desert Sky [IAMT Red]
Walcon – The Side [MNML4U]
_Ams – Solstice (Italobros Remix) [Nervous Records]
_Ams – Solstice [Nervous Records]

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Remix Pack [25-November-2021]

Afro House
Julian Millan – Wounaan [Diversions Music]

Breaks & Breakbeat
Facundo Capott – Renacer [MNL]
Grego G, Fe_De – Johnny’s House [Lescale Recordings]

Deep House
Dilby, Pornbugs – Beyond That [Bondage Music]
Dilby, Pornbugs – Next Round [Bondage Music]
Kuzey – Journey [Shibiza Recordings]
Loure – Smooth Talk [Apparel Music]
Maxim Buldakov – 2517 (Yapacc Remix) [Apparel Music]
Mike Steva – Sweet Memories [Yoruba Records]
Mike Steva – WeR2Gether [Yoruba Records]
Moony Me & Woodcut – Zeitgeist [Apparel Music]
plasticpoison – Attention [House Trip Recordings]
plasticpoison – Dark Side Codex [House Trip Recordings]
Turf – East Side Harmony [Apparel Music]

Tal Fussman – Is It Morning Yet_ [Eastern Standard]

Indie Dance
AIKON, Sobek – Atom [Multinotes]
AIKON, Sobek – Burning Hats [Multinotes]
AIKON, Sobek – Come On [Multinotes]
AIKON, Sobek – Diggers [Multinotes]
AIKON, Sobek – Weight Of Words [Multinotes]
Dino Lenny – Love in London (Black Mami Rmx) [Fine Human Records]
Dino Lenny – Love in London (Dionigi Rmx) [Fine Human Records]
Dino Lenny – Love in London [Fine Human Records]
Morgi – I See No More [Three Hands Records]
Morgi – Life [Three Hands Records]
Tal Fussman – Adaptive [Eastern Standard]
Tal Fussman – Atlas Theory [Eastern Standard]
Thirsty Eyes – Heyoka (Sasha Carassi Remix) [JEAHMON! Records]

Melodic House & Techno
Amadori – Poltergeist [Dantze]
Amadori – Urantia [Dantze]
Anden, Yotto – Grouplove (Extended Mix) [Odd One Out]
deGust – Floating Lines [Hiato Music]
deGust – Hanging Points [Hiato Music]
Gregor Klamra & Bensus7 – Poolside [MNL]
Julian Millan – Kamelhyn (Oxia Remix) [Diversions Music]
Malandra Jr – Precious [Vision and Illusion]
Malandra Jr – Romance [Vision and Illusion]
Malandra Jr – Toyou Tome (Adamant (IT) Remix) [Vision and Illusion]
Malandra Jr – Toyou Tome [Vision and Illusion]
Philipp Wolf – Illumi [Poesie Musik]
Sahar – Different Days [ISOLATE]
Sahar – Egomania [ISOLATE]
Sahar – Envision [ISOLATE]
Sahar – International Voyage [ISOLATE]
Thirsty Eyes – Fellini [JEAHMON! Records]
Thirsty Eyes – Heyoka [JEAHMON! Records]
Timo Maas – Azamutha [Warung Recordings]
Timo Maas, Eric Volta – Dos Vida Loca (Apnoea Remix) [Warung Recordings]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Akatuki – Cloudy Then Sunny [akatuki music]
Akatuki – New Face [akatuki music]
Akatuki – Voice of Rain [akatuki music]
Basic 96 – Endless Night [Not Allowed]
Boncalo Denis – Planeta [Not Allowed]
Cessy – Flawsome [Moss Co.]
Cessy – Grooves Law [Moss Co.]
Dilby, Pornbugs – Beyond That (JHNS Remix) [Bondage Music]
Dilby, Pornbugs – Next Round (Legit Trip Remix) [Bondage Music]
Dr. Tinieblas – Nohayamigo [Not Allowed]
Drazneesh – Acid Mountains [Not Allowed]
Grego G, Fe_De – Johnny’s House (Ramona Yacef Remix) [Lescale Recordings]
Grego G, Fe_De – Q40 [Lescale Recordings]
Grego G, Fe_De – The Magic Sun [Lescale Recordings]
MARMELADOVA – Victorious [Not Allowed]
plasticpoison – Dark Side Codex (Withheld Remix) [House Trip Recordings]
plasticpoison – Going Back! [House Trip Recordings]
Rich NxT – Papermill [Hot Creations]
Rich NxT – Roll On [Hot Creations]
Rich NxT – Vibewise [Hot Creations]
Sebastian Ledher – First Place [Reecords]

Organic House & Downtempo
Chris Brid – Alibri [The Purr]
Chris Brid – Shakuntala [The Purr]
Chris Brid – Vibrant [The Purr]
Doyeq – Love Loan [Akumandra]
Doyeq – Shot of Lights [Akumandra]
Doyeq – Sparkles [Akumandra]
Mat¡as Del¢ngaro – Melodrama [MNL]
Saive – Whisper From The Other Side feat. Zoe Reijue [Amselcom]
Seba Campos – No Quiero Sufrir [WAYU Records]
Seba Campos – Pescador [WAYU Records]
Seba Campos – V¡ctor Jara (Roni Iron Remix) [WAYU Records]
Seba Campos – V¡ctor Jara [WAYU Records]
Timo Maas, Eric Volta – Dos Vida Loca [Warung Recordings]

Progressive House
Blanka Barbara – Amabie (Michael A Remix) [Particles]
Blanka Barbara – Amabie [Particles]
Blanka Barbara – The Black Lagoon (Juan Deminicis Remix) [Particles]
Blanka Barbara – The Black Lagoon [Particles]
Chaum & Aman Anand – Introspektiv [MNL]
Luman – Despierta [MNL]
Namatjira – Naya (Beije Remix) [Manual Music]
Namatjira, STVN – Amber Fluid (Forty Cats Remix) [Manual Music]
Petar Dundov – Day Unseen [Proton Music]
Petar Dundov – Spark (BLANCAh Remix) [Proton Music]
Petar Dundov – Spark (Imran Khan Remix) [Proton Music]
Petar Dundov – Spark [Proton Music]

Tech House
Ango Tamarin – Freaks Pon Di Floor (Extended Mix) [Nothing Else Matters]
Ango Tamarin – Where’s Eric (Extended Mix) [Nothing Else Matters]
Cessy – Hatrick [Moss Co.]
Ekoboy – Keep It Coming [Stashed Cutz]
Franky Rizardo – Colorado Charlie (Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Franky Rizardo – Use Me, Not Abuse Me (Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Franky Rizardo – Use Me, Not Abuse Me (Joey Daniel Extended Mix) [Kaluki Musik]
Julian Millan – Kamelhyn [Diversions Music]
Moreno Pezzolato – Like That (Extended Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
Sebastian Ledher – First Place (Reelow Remix) [Reecords]
Sllash & Doppe – African Vibes (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]

Riemann – Riemann LIVE 21 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 22 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 23 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 24 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 25 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 26 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 27 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 28 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 29 [FLASH Recordings]
Riemann – Riemann LIVE 30 [FLASH Recordings]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Julian Millan – Surrender [Diversions Music]
Koen Groeneveld – Hurt By Envy [Abzolut]
Koen Groeneveld – Indelible [Abzolut]
Koen Groeneveld – Peeyeahno [Abzolut]
Timo Maas, Eric Volta – Dos Vida Loca (Frank Hellmond Remix) [Warung Recordings]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Dustin Zahn – Feed the Fire [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Golden Hour [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Heresey [Rekids]
Dustin Zahn – Profane Purposes [Rekids]

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Remix Pack [23-November-2021]

Afro House
Akeem One Soul, Fabrizio Sotti – Locomotive Funk (Afro Remix) (Akeem One Soul Afro Remix)
Alan De Laniere – Lania Mouka (Original Mix)
Atmos Blaq, GuguPash – Mthuthuzeli (Atmospheric Mix)
CDj Producers, Carkeys – Acidulation (Carkeys edit)
Claudio Cristo, Yves LaTroa – Fiare (Original Mix)
Daniel Rateuke, SANDHAUS – Wild Eyes (Extended Mix) [Go Deeva Records]
Daniele Danieli, DJ Fopp – Bomba (Original Mix)
Deep Just – Cinnamon and Honey (Original Mix)
Deepconsoul, Crazy T, Dearson, Marklane – Love To My Ears (Marklane Remix)
Dennis Bune, Michelle David – Be Together (Original Mix)
DJ Beso, Bob Hany, Mena Nay – Gamal El 2amar (Original Mix)
DJ Randall Smooth, Crystal Levell – Crystall’s Cry (Vocal Mix)
DJ Vistar – Soul After (Original Mix)
DJ Zwesta, Blvd – Eyes of a Stranger (Original Mix)
KARFOX – Reset (Original Mix)
Louis Anima – Technical Error (Original Mix)
LUBELLO – In My Mind (Original Mix)
Lukado – Weekend Vibez Only (Amapiano Mix)
Master Fale – Job‚job (Original Mix)
Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz – Gombato (Original Mix)
Mikael Martinez – Divine (Original Mix)
PabloSA – African Stories (Original Mix)
Ronny Santana – Eso Eh (Original Mix)
Senzo C, Jurie – Live The Moment (Original Mix)
Sjavera, Shona SA – The Oracle (Original Mix)
Therd Suspect – More Bout Myself (Original Mix)

Deep House
Darbinyan – Revival [Egocentric Records]

Darbinyan – Lake View [Egocentric Records]
Kiman – Anime [Somatic Records]
Kiman – Bubble [Somatic Records]
Kiman – Serenade [Somatic Records]

Indie Dance
Eleven Sins – Rockstar (Enzo Elia Remix) [Buttress]
Eleven Sins – Rockstar [Buttress]
Eleven Sins – Super Virgin [Buttress]
Eleven Sins – Warrior [Buttress]

Jackin House
Gettoblaster, Andre Salmon – Saxofunk [Too Many Rules]
Gettoblaster, Future Joy – Banana Cream [Too Many Rules]

Melodic House & Techno
Agustin Giri – Break Point [Surrrealism]
Agustin Giri – Charangeola [Surrrealism]
Agustin Giri – Movimiento [Surrrealism]
Agustin Giri,Auggi‰ – Charangeola (Auggi‰ Remix) [Surrrealism]
Agustin Giri,Colossio – Break Point (Colossio Remix) [Surrrealism]
Darbinyan – Borrowland [Egocentric Records]
Darbinyan – Floating [Egocentric Records]
Darbinyan – One Step Behind [Egocentric Records]
Elso (GER) – Blessed [Airborne Black]
Elso (GER) – Illusion [Airborne Black]
Elso (GER) – Translation [Airborne Black]
Ezek, Zaria – Dreams [Us & Them Records]
Ezek, Zaria – Equilibrium [Us & Them Records]
Ezek, Zaria – Lady Winter [Us & Them Records]
Ezek, Zaria – Monolith [Us & Them Records]
Gianmarco Limenta – Don’t Go [Tale & Tone]
HAUMS – Blue Waves [Soulscapes]
HAUMS – Travel the World [Soulscapes]
Joel Forsberg – I Labyrintens Mitt [Manual Deep]
Ki Creighton, Pablo_Rita – Black Magic (James Organ Remix) [Under No Illusion]
Ki Creighton, Pablo_Rita – Black Magic [Under No Illusion]
Ki Creighton, Pablo_Rita – Truth [Under No Illusion]
Kiman, Cruise (IT) – Confidence (Extended Mix) [Somatic Records]
Kiman, Cruise (IT) – Confidence [Somatic Records]
Marksman – Ephemeral (Elena Kulstof Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Marksman – Ephemeral (Extended Mix) [ARRVL Records]
Marksman – Ephemeral (MA_AT Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Marksman – Event Horizon (Extended Mix) [ARRVL Records]
Marksman – Event Horizon (Joseph Carlo Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Marksman – Event Horizon (Ras Algethi Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Mazema – Efir [Nightcolours]
Mazema – Movement [Nightcolours]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Alex Afonso – Coco Liso [NOPRESET Records]
Alex Afonso – El Grinch [NOPRESET Records]
Alex Afonso – Subblim [NOPRESET Records]
C.s.r, Alexis Cabrera – Field Expander [Roche Madame]
C.s.r, Alexis Cabrera – Introduxion [Roche Madame]
Dubphone – Dusky [Fantastic Friends Recordings]
Dubphone – Mist [Fantastic Friends Recordings]
Dubphone – Trust [Fantastic Friends Recordings]

Organic House & Downtempo
Ami O – Trankillo (Asaga Remix) [Highway Records]
Ami O – Trankillo [Highway Records]
Desert Season – Ancient Tango [Lump Records]
Desert Season – Belly Dance of Butterflies [Lump Records]
Desert Season – Nemesis [Lump Records]
Desert Season – Secret Tales of Babil [Lump Records]

Tech House
Gianmarco Limenta – Make It [Tale & Tone]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Filterheadz – Alternate [Unity Records]
Filterheadz – Generation [Unity Records]
Kurt Heisz – Lapsus [Frequenza]
Kurt Heisz – My Heart Is Acid [Frequenza]
Kurt Heisz – My Oxygen [Frequenza]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Klint – Nowhere (Rework) [Planet Rhythm]
Klint – Nowhere [Planet Rhythm]
Klint – Reset [Planet Rhythm]
Klint – Tension [Planet Rhythm]
Klint – Timeline [Planet Rhythm]
Matthias Springer – Dirt Evo Lover [zerO413]

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Remix Pack [22-November-2021]

Afro House
Ancient Deep – Newman (Nelo HD Dub) [Xpressed Records]
Ancient Deep – Newman (Nelo HD Remix) [Xpressed Records]
Chaleee, Shredder SA – Shida (feat. Tina Ardor) [Connected Frontline]
Chaos – You (feat. Daime Tracer) [Nelo HD Remix] [Xpressed Records]
Hypnotic Image – Kasai [Arms & Legs]
Hypnotic Image – Purus [Arms & Legs]
Jordan Arts – Something New (Nelo HD Remix) [Xpressed Records]
No One Name – God’s Love (Nelo HD Remix) [Xpressed Records]
Portamento – Mi Casa (feat. Clara) [Nelo HD Introspection] [Xpressed Records]
Portamento – Mi Casa (feat. Clara) [Nelo HD Remix] [Xpressed Records]
Re.You, Oluhle, Sante – Faithful [LSF21+]
Savio De Simone – Children of Africa (Nelo HD Remix) [Xpressed Records]
Tahir Jones, Chronical Deep – Love Therapy (Nelo HD Dub) [Xpressed Records]
Tahir Jones, Chronical Deep – Love Therapy (Nelo HD Remix) [Xpressed Records]
Tear of Joy – Able to Be [Obenmusik]
Tennek – Sesler [MoBlack Records]
Thandi Draai & Candy Man – Out of Africa [Get Physical Music]
VKD – Extravaganza [RYNTH]

Deep House
Smalltown Collective – Help Us See (Agent! Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Teenage Mutants, Th;en – Orange [Click Records]
Tito Azevedo – Frestas feat. Gabro Demais [YION]

Alex Hoevelmann – Reality [YION]
Blausch – Bipoler Assaults (feat. Meshcut) [Just This]
Brascon, Jyll – Where Do We Go [YION]
Paul Baule – Phosphenes [Click Records]

Bvtters – Codeine [Moustache Label]
Mogi Wa Wa – Memories (AMP Mix Extended)
Mogi Wa Wa – Memories (Hot Mix Extended)
Mogi Wa Wa – Memories (Original Red Mix Extended)
Ridney – DM (Todd Terry Extended Remix)
Rogue D feat. Chantae Vetrice – Heartbreak (Extended Instrumental)
Rogue D feat. Chantae Vetrice – Heartbreak (Extended Mix)

Indie Dance
Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr vs. blaktone – Domo Arigato (Original Mix
Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr vs. blaktone – I Have To Go (Original Mix
Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr vs. blaktone – Pink Noise (Lehar Remix)
Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr vs. blaktone – Pink Noise (Original Mix)
Greg Ignatovich & Alexandros Djkevingr vs. blaktone – Tall Figures (Original Mix
Ron Flatter – Epomona [Click Records]

Melodic House & Techno
Acid Eyes – Mind Control (Original Mix)
Acid Eyes, Aksell Broon – Call Me (Original Mix)
Aksell Broon – Without (Acid Eyes Remix)
Aksell Broon – Without (Original Mix)
Altman – Hybrid Destiny [Just This]
Anchor Acres – Ink [Click Records]
Andreas Henneberg – Hack [Click Records]
Ark of Mind – Touch the Sky [Click Records]
Around Us – Repetitive Moments [Click Records]
Barbour – Azatan [Click Records]
Binaryh – Black Widow [Click Records]
Binaryh – Rigel [Click Records]
Binaryh – Turn the Tide [Click Records]
Blo_ndi – Dare to Dream (Original Mix)
Carlo Whale – Second Space [Click Records]
Darktone – A Sense of Equanimity [Just This]
Dizharmonia & Hot Oasis – Habibi Ala El Donia [Click Records]
Eleven Of July – Anamnesis [Click Records]
Fresen – Forest Rain (Barbour Remix) [Click Records]
Fresen – Forest Rain (Lauren Mia Remix) [Click Records]
Fur Coat – Mysterious Valley [Just This]
Hill Of Vision – Revolution [Just This]
HunterGame – Fire Circle [Just This]
Iain Howie – Patterns (Jay Tripwire Remix) [0110 Records]
Ioanis & Don Son – Black Swan [Click Records]
Kohra & SHFT – Mobius [Click Records]
Lauren Mia – Treasure [Click Records]
Leghet – Red Clouds (Leghet) [Click Records]
Lonya & Jelly For The Babies – No Fear [Click Records]
Max Tresher – Takin’ Over [Click Records]
Pisetzky – Galaxy [Just This]
Re.You, Biishop, Sante – Road to Nowhere [LSF21+]
Salbah – Crystalline [Click Records]
Several Definitions – Guardians from Above [R‚cits de Mars]
Several Definitions – Northern Light [R‚cits de Mars]
Several Definitions – Oort’s Road [R‚cits de Mars]
SHMN – Far Cry [Click Records]
Stefano Richetta – Beukennootje [Click Records]
Stefano Richetta – Formica [Click Records]
Stefano Richetta – Knaagdiertje [Click Records]
Ten Walls – Breath Like Ariel [Click Records]
Ten Walls – Rnmk [Click Records]
Ten Walls – U Turn [Click Records]
Tripolism – Faldet [Just This]
VKD – Extravaganza (about _ river Remix) [RYNTH]
VKD – Extravaganza (Chihaka Remix) [RYNTH]
Voices of valley & Remains Of Silence – Moires [Click Records]
Wurtz & Iberian Muse – Gravity [Click Records]
Oostil, VNTM – Hibernation [Just This]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Juan Pablo D¡az – Power Move [Moustache Label]

Organic House & Downtempo
Ben Haydie – Gravity [YION]
Dole & Kom – Stay Low [YION]
Fabian Sprungk – Korinth [YION]
Gabriel Ananda – Attic Find One [Click Records]
Galestian – Dreaming (Stefano Richetta Remix) [Click Records]
IO – Solus [YION]
Karim Zidan – Coming Here [Click Records]
Lek‚ – Servance Arrogance [YION]
Lonya – Milk & Honey [Click Records]
Los Cabra – More Empathy (Bondi Remix) [Click Records]
Saive, Kleiber – Cyode [Click Records]
Sanoi & Marcos Alonso – Meet The Boys [YION]
Schtu feat. Johanson – Running From You [YION]
Stefano Richetta – Dietro Le Dune [Click Records]
T.m.a – Fellow [YION]
Yannek Maunz, Space Food, Allies for Everyone – Silence [YION]
YATS – Direction [YION]

Progressive House
Dominik Gehringer – Hype 2001 [Click Records]
Giorgia Angiuli – Let Me Wish [Click Records]
Lonya – Marco Polo [Click Records]
Nolah – Nobody’s Journey [Click Records]
Paul Baule – Hiraeth [Click Records]
Ron Flatter – Softan [Click Records]
Saive, Jan Bleidorn – Unknown Land [Click Records]
Tear of Joy – 512 Stars [Obenmusik]

Tech House
2000 and One – Love Like This [Click Records]
Adrian Mart – House Continuous (L-Gil Remix) [CamelMusic Records]
Adrian Mart – House Continuous [CamelMusic Records]
Alessandro De Tuglie – Freak Out [CUFF]
Amine Edge & DANCE – Don’t Call Me [CUFF]
Andhim – Like a Wirsing (Hanne & Lore Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Andreas Henneberg – Worst Deadline Ever [Click Records]
Apollo 84 – Fusion [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Basti Grub – Leben [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Blu Leopard – Grab the mic [Moustache Label]
Dabi – Something Fresh [CUFF]
Daniel Steinberg – Ferino [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Einsauszwei – The Message (Patrick Lindsey Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Elio Riso & NiLO.R – Blood Sweet (Danniel Selfmade Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Felipe Fella – This Game [CUFF]
Get Bad – Pick Up the Phone [CUFF]
Gunther Beats – Gang Alert (NicoRozas Remix) [Moustache Label]
Helmut Dubnitzky – First Move [Natura Viva In The Mix]
jeaneiffel – Carnavalito (Dub Mix) [Natural Rhythm]
jeaneiffel – Carnavalito [Natural Rhythm]
jeaneiffel – Loteria [Natural Rhythm]
Jho Roscioli & Jay Mariani – Life Routine [CUFF]
Klartraum – Passion (Marek Hemmann Remaster) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Melodrama (Nollos E Dub Remix (DJ Nolte)) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Luca Morris – Technics 1210 [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Marc DePulse – Oberwasser [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Marc Molina – Magnetic Menu [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Obando – Another Tee [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Omar Labastida – Another Planet [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Own.Way – I Know This [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Rainer Weichhold – Bamboo 2015 (Ardalan Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Rich Wakley – Straight Underground House Edition 2 [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Robin M – Love Story (Hannah Wants Extended Mix) [Etiquette]
Rodrigo Seixas – Shut the Fuck Up [CUFF]
Sascha Sonido & Angelica Fravi – No Time for Sleeping [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Slideshow Park – Shining (Solee Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Sonodab – Plastidecor (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Spuri – Deimos [Click Records]
Thomilla & Sante – That Way [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Tiago Bueno – A Lenda [CUFF]
Toni Varga – Low Distance (Audio Junkies Remix) [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Triptyque – Pussy Power [CUFF]
V3O – Big Girls [Moustache Label]
Yungness, Jaminn – What I’m Sayin’ [CUFF]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Andrea Signore – Praeparet Bellum [Made In Brussels]
Blo_ndi – Dare to Dream (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
Chris Veron – Cliffhanger (Original Mix)
Demon Noise – AI (Original Mix)
Demon Noise – Flash (Original Mix)
Eli Brown – How Do I Belong (Original Mix)
Eli Brown – Losing Control (Original Mix)
Gabriel Ananda – Tale of the Oblivious Llama [Click Records]
Kreisel, Monococ – Blood and Bones [VapourTrail Records]
Kreisel, Monococ – FlashBacks [VapourTrail Records]
Mario Ochoa – Binary [Tronic]
Mario Ochoa – Enceladus [Tronic]
Matt Empyre – I’ll Be There (Acoela Remix) [Friday Lights Music]
Matt Empyre – I’ll Be There (Drumcomplex Remix) [Friday Lights Music]
Mushroom Cake & HXTC – Tartaros (Original Mix)
Mushroom Cake & HXTC – Valhalla (Original Mix)
Nakadia – The Red Queen [Kraftek]
Oliver Lieb – Ic Future [Natura Viva In The Mix]
Responder – Assign [FLASH Recordings]
Responder – Dispute [FLASH Recordings]
Responder – Low [FLASH Recordings]
Responder – Premises [FLASH Recordings]
Responder – Rewire One [FLASH Recordings]
Sebastian Mora, Tadeo Chayre – Tsunami (Original Mix)
Sebastian Mora, Tadeo Chayre – Waterfall (Original Mix)
Sikora – Freedom (Breitenstein Remix) [Harthouse]
Sikora – Freedom (Half Pint Remix) [Harthouse]
Sikora – Freedom (Jamez Remix) [Harthouse]
Sikora – Freedom (Pint Remix) [Harthouse]
Sikora – Freedom (Tom Wax Remix) [Harthouse]
Uncertain – Bump [Suara]
Uncertain – Resistance [Suara]
YEZPR – Be With Me [Siblings Audio]
Zusan – Constrained (Torsten Kanzler Remix) [Kuukou Records]
Zusan – Constrained [Kuukou Records]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Calvin Logue – Listen (Club Mix) [Zoomer Records]
Matt Empyre – I’ll Be There [Friday Lights Music]
Uncertain – Concept [Suara]
Uncertain – Conga [Suara]
Uncertain – Pulse [Suara]
YEZPR – Horizon [Siblings Audio]
YEZPR – Submarine [Siblings Audio]
Zig Wolf – Conti [EINZ records]
Zig Wolf – Dion [EINZ records]
Zig Wolf – Hyg [EINZ records]
Zig Wolf – Vamp [EINZ records]

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Remix Pack [16-November-2021]

Cherry’s Cavalier – Come on and find me
Dadhaus – Believe (Mat Hoods Disco Dub)
Dadhaus – Come Again (Robot Riddims remix)
Dadhaus – Enter The Night (Hippertronics Stranger mix)
Dadhaus – Mind The Gap
Dadhaus – Muntjac
Dadhaus – Together (Dialog remix)
Dirty Productions – Brighton 7am
Dirty Productions – Home
Dirty Productions – Wildmoor
FoM – Orford
FoM – Portland
Kamikaze Liberation – Tail of the lost Siren
Luke Da Loop – Gravity
Minke – Going In (Saloop remix)
Minke – Solid State (Cotton Bud Master)
Minke – Watford Electric (shorter version Cotton Bud Master)
Monolab – Coming Home (Returning mix)
Monolab – Six Out Of Ten
Moon Carrot – Gone
National Giro – Concrete
National Giro – Satellites
National Giro – Your Eyes Cannot Be Replaced
Rubin Cousins – Midnight Summer Drive (Rollers Dub)
Slow Jerome – Sunrise Beach (Skipper Rework)
Slow Jerome – What Are You Searching For
UDM – Headstone (ambient mix)
Various Artists – Chillout 2020 From Chilled Cafe Lounge to del Mar Ibiza the Classic Sunset Chill Out Session
Voltaire Deluxe – Crystal gaze
You Are Here – The Wind Tunnel (ambient mix)
You Are Here – We Were There
You Are Here – You Are Here
Zoe Portman – Hold Me One More Time Into Your Arms (Chilled Out Dub)
Zoe Portman – Tell Me What You Want Tonight (Chill With Me Rework)

Melodic Techno House
Airsand, Wayward Brothers, Arba Han – The Way I Feel (Original Mix)
Booka Shade, Jan Blomqvist – Blaze (Extended)
Budakid – Orrery (Original Mix)
CamelPhat, Yannis – Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix)
Cassian – Imagination feat. Tora (Yotto Extended Remix)
Dario D’Attis, Jinadu – Everything Changes (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
Edu Imbernn & Mordem – Underwater Breathtaking (Innellea Remix)
Erly Tepshi & Alberth – Valhalla (Original Mix)
Francesca Lombardo & Hannes Bieger – Frozen (Original Mix)
Hollt – Halos (Original Mix)
Ilario Alicante, Kevin de Vries – Dystopia (Original Mix)
James Organ – Transmit (Original Mix)
Manqo – Wont Change (Rampa Retouch)
Melawati – Daliah (Tale Of Us Remix)
Nox Vahn, Mimi Page – Dream Of Love (Original Mix)
Quivver – Takin Over (2020 Rework)
Re.You feat. Stereo Mc’s – Relocate (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
Richie Blacker – Summer Of Rave 89 (Original Mix)
Sebastian Haas – Crawler (Original Mix)
Simon Doty – Aspen Vista (Original Mix)

Minimal Deep Tech House
Accented Measures – Photons (Monika Ross Remix)
Butane, Riko Forinson – Ascension (Jay Tripwire Remix)
Chris Stussy, Toman – Serendipity (Original Mix)
Dennis Cruz – Zig Zag (Original Mix)
East End Dubs – Bossy (Dub)
Elleot – Fairground (Diego Krause Remix)
Guti, David Gtronic – Endless Positions (Federika Remix)
James Saunders (UK) – Ten Hours (ANOTR Remix)
Luca Cazal, Andrea Fiorito – What Is Music (Original Mix)
Luca Donzelli – Get Out People (Original Mix)
Luuk Van Dijk, Antss – What Are You Looking At (Original Mix)
MADVILLA – Too Soft (Original Mix)
Milion (NL) – Nine to Five (Original Mix)
Per Hammar – Cherry (Rich NXT Remix)
Richard Ulh, Rendher – Dancing Like Madonna (Original Mix)
Sam Haskin – Early Dinner (Revivis Remix)
Sidney Charles – Swing Theory (Original Mix)
The Willers Brothers – Lemon (Original Mix)
Vele – Misha (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Wheats – Numbers Game (Original Mix)

Progressive House
21Street And Burak Keskin – La Sol Goa (Extended Mix)
3Rvin – Confused (Idy Ramy Remix)
Adrian Zenith – Never Fall (Original Mix)
AkMa – Late Night Sax (Original Mix)
Aleksandr LAndN – In The Head (Original Mix)
Alex Greenhouse ft Mutluluk – Time To Be With You (Original Mix)
Allvix – Hold On Baby (Extended Mix)
Allvix – Hold On Baby (Original Mix)
Aneesh Gera – Kryptonite (Extended Mix)
Ariya – Aramit (Original Mix)
Ariya – The Challenger Deep (Original Mix)
B-Strot – Chilling The Sun (Radio Edit)
Belchev And Billy Blake – Skin (Original Mix)
Bockoven – Timeskip (Original Mix)
Brisboys And Richie Blacker – Trap Nap (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
Brother Bliss – Technochrocy (Original Mix)
Coccolino Deep – Lost (Rauschhaus Remix)
Cohesive Sounds – Music Heals (Original Mix)
Dark Matter – Shadows (Radio Edit)
Dave Cult – Silver Stone (Original Mix)
Deni Sunrise – All The Things (Original Mix)
Electronic Youth – Shapes (Original Mix)
Element 108 And Michael Maloney – In A Moment (Original Mix)
Galexis – Reflection (Original Mix)
Geno Herrero – Rise (Original Mix)
Gil Perez (IL) – Deep In The Eyes (Listeners Edition)
Graviton – Chaisng The Spirit Of Taiga (Original Mix)
Houz Addictz – Let Me Go (Winter Edit)
ISEMG – XX3XX (Original Mix)
Jon Bourne – Fra Mauro (Extended Mix)
Kelle – Irisa (Original Mix)
Kharnason – All You Need (Original Mix)
Matthias Bishop – Night Sky (Jeef B Remix)
Mental Order And Tim Othy – Cuerpo (Listeners Edition)
Momotto – Zafra’s Dream (Original Mix)
NMD Guru – Holody (Xsonatix And Kamerystyi Remix)
Ocean Of Emotion – Smoke On The Water (Original Mix)
OptimiZer – Ketara (Extended Mix)
Pontias And Convergence System – Go Bro (Hernan Cattaneo And Marcelo Vasami Remix)
Rocksted And Touchtalk – Black Lives Matter (Original Mix)
Saintbull ft Pol Aguirre – End Of The World (Original Mix)
Sasha White – Freedommaker (Original Mix)
Sound Out – Pray For Me (Original Mix)
Spectorsonic And Alex Believe – Aura (Beta5 Remix)
Stephan Seddel – Epic Quarantine (Original Mix)
TomTech – Narvi (Boskii Remix)
Vasscon – Jupiter (Alexander Tomas Remix)
Whoriskey – Mantin (Original Mix)
Xiasou And Contribute Translation – Lost You, Found You (Original Mix)
Xiasou And Contribute Translation – Lost You, Found You (Plus Thirty Remix)

Soulful House
Afro Carrib – Yelele Le (Daweird Mix)
Alfred YAO – Rule My Mind (Original Mix)
Anane – Our Love (Anan‚ Amour Dub Instrumental)
Artwork – Sunny Days (Dub Mix) (feat. Kage)
Artwork, Brazo Wa Afrika – African Sax (ARTWORK b2b Remix)
Audiology, Gifford, Craze M – 2Bobho (Sipho Ngubane Remix)
Babis Kotsanis – Hold Me Again
Beat Rivals – Give It Up (Remix Reprise) (feat. Natasha Watts)
Beat Rivals – I Know (SoulLab Remix Instrumental) (feat. Ms Swaby)
Beat Rivals, Tasha LaRae – Closer
Blaqkongo – Always There (Instrumental Mix)
Brock Edwards – My Mind
Bruce Sheroy – Crab Rangoons (DJ TeckLogix Remix)
Chris Geldard – Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
Chriss DeVynal – Love Is (Evening Session Mix) (feat. Mandy)
Clement Khoza – Love Feels Better
D&E – Marching (Rampus Pop Remix)
Danny Clark, An-Tonic – Love Water (Main Instrumental Mix)
DJ Patsan – All Okay (Instrumental)
DJ Randall Smooth – Cosmic Soul (Zona Soul Mix) (feat. HelloNegro)
Enyon – Words You Say (Dj Romain Instrumental Remix) (feat. Marcus Pearson)
Ethiopian Chyld – 365 Days (Original Mix) (feat. Soul Diva & Ace Bliss)
Ethiopian Chyld – Traveller
Evotia, Doug Claym – I Can’t Decide (Lesny Deep Remix)
Fever Brothers – Rejoice
Franck Roger, Zonkes – All In The Way (Instrumental Mix)
Genetic Funk – My Vow (Radio Edit)
Gino Strike – Don’t Doubt My Love (Mark Di Meo Remix)
Glass Slipper – The Get Down (Dub Mix)
Jack York – Liquid Sky (Romance Mix)
Jama, Ms Sylvia – In Love
JoioDJ – Don’t Give Up (Instrumental Mix) (feat. D’Bra Powell)
Keys Snow – Chasing A Rainbow (Original Mix) (feat. Presss)
Kindred Soul – Never Want (Danny Phillips Remix)
Leandro Di – Touch My Soul (Soulfuric Mix)
Massimo Barri – I’m Ready (Original Mix) (feat. Aly Bee)
Maximo Gladius – Grotto Bay (Radio Soulful)
Mimmino – Best Of My Love (Original Mix) (feat. Richelle Hicks)
Mimmino, Richelle Hicks – Just The Way You Are
Ragged Groove – Fly Away (Nu Ground Foundation Organic Dub)
Rob Rhythm – Just A Mirage
Ryno – Get Up (Original Mix)
Sensoreal, DJ Charlie Brown, Morris Revy – See Through My Heart (Producer’s cut Mix)
Sheila Stone – Holdin’ On (Nu Ground Foundation 92 Edit)
Simone C – Love You Forever (Original Mix) (feat. Morris Revy)
SOUL TRAIN, Jo Paciello – Enjoy Life
Tender Look – Do It To Me (Nu Ground Foundation Emotive Vocal)
Thomas Brenner, Karla Brown – My Love
True2Life – Waiting (Original Mix)
UKSA – Gave You Everything (LG Mix)

Tech House
Aaron Mvrtin – Kick It
Adelphi Music Factory – My People (Love Can Live Forever)
Alex Kennon – Touch Me
Anthony Attalla – Don’t Stop
Billy Da Kid – In My Arms (Sammy Porter Remix)
Chapter & Verse – Make You Sweat
Cristoph – Big H 2020 (Edit)
Curtis Jay – Dangerous Love
Danny Rhys, Matt Weeks (UK) – Jack To The Funk (Radio Edit)
Dean Mickoski, Roland Clark, Simon Field – Smells Like Rhythm (Simon Field Remix)
Dombresky, Boston Bun, Danny Howard – Stronger (Danny Howard’s ‘Stronger Together’ Remix)
Eskuche – What To Do
Father And Son – You Got It
George Mensah – Thief In The Night (Max Chapman Remix)
GotSome, Clementine Douglas – Caught In Your Rhythm
Grenno – In The Air
Groover (ARG) – Moonlight (Claudia Tejeda Remix)
Hot Since 82, Rudimental – Be Strong
Housewerk., Ducamp – Higher
Husko – Take It Back
Huxley – Who Sez
Jacq (UK) – Disco Check
Johan S, AndMe & Bastian – Come Back Home
KC Lights – Girl (Nightlapse Remix)
KC Lights – Girl
Kid Cut – Let Me Sleep
Latmun – Try Stop Me
Leftwing Kody – Keep Pushin’ On (Peter Pavlov Remix)
Ludo Lacoste – When You Were Down
Marc Vedo, Leela D – Will You Be
Mark Knight, Ren‚ Amesz, Tasty Lopez – All 4 Love (feat. Tasty Lopez)
Mason, Mark Knight, Jem Cooke – Drowning In Your Love (feat. Jem Cooke) (Mark Knight Remix)
Mason, The Melody Men – Loosen Up (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)
Maxinne – Get Up
Mike Konstanty, Leela D – Come To My Room
Needs No Sleep – Rain
Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva – Medium Rare
Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva – Transition (Luke Thompson UK Remix)
Piero Pirupa, LEON (Italy) – Get On
Placebo eFx – Give Me A Reason (Redux Saints Remix)
Siege, Sweet Pussy Pauline – Work This
Simon TG – 90`s Rave Machine
Space Jump Salute – Time (Edit)
Supernova – Make My Body Rock
TCTS, Todd Terry – Get Freaky
Technasia, Green Velvet, Detlef – Suga (Detlef Remix)
Vanilla Ace, No Pants Party – Never Knew
Wh0 – Real Good
Wilsun – One Six Six
Yolanda Be Cool, Jaded – No More Sorrow (Jaded Remix)
Zendlo – Let You In

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Remix Pack [15-November-2021]

Big Room
Afishal And Sonic Snares – Tribe (Original Mix)
Aftersoulz And J4cko – Work It Out (Extended Mix)
Alike – People (Original Mix)
Andry Fokker – Wobble (Original Mix)
B3NNE ft Katty Mcgrew – Target Practice (Original Mix)
Bonmot – All Over The World (Dub Mix)
Booty Beats – Haughty Face (Original Mix)
CHRNS And Vil And PRYVT RYN – Fluorescent (Festival Mix)
Codex (SE) And Mike Miami – Void (Original Mix)
DeadMaze – Wrecked (Original Mix)
Deeper Funk – Soul (Denis Goldin Remix)
Dirty Disco ft Jeanie Tracy – True Colors (Dirty Disco Rainbow Remix)
Divison And Arson – Rustle (Original Mix)
DJ Baby Eva – Freedom (Radio Mix)
Eclypsia – Rock Muzik (Original Mix)
Edward W11 – Classic Storm (Original Mix)
Eidly – Opium (Original Mix)
F-Beats – Take Moment (Original Mix)
Falcos Deejay – Above Your Mind (Morrello Remix)
Fordex – No Quiero Agua (Original Mix)
Freaky Noize And DJ Mario Moreno – Osiris (Extended Mix)
Hector Fonseca And David Hernandez – Beautiful (Saberz Remix)
HoRuzz – Weekend (Original Mix)
House Anatomy – Darkside (Original Mix)
I.W.O And Noizbasses – Rich (Original Mix)
IMVD – Not (Original Mix)
JuanMa Baena – My Way (Original Mix)
JuanMa Baena ft Bea Schulenberg – Ride Our Love (Radio Edit)
Kazz And Eddie Mordero – The Pearl (Original Mix)
LNytho – Crazy (Original Mix)
Lucca Enzo – Drive (Original Mix)
Madadrive – Dunkerque (Original Mix)
Marco Farouk – Rising (Mikas Remix)
Max Roven – Renaissance I (Extended Mix)
Mor Avrahami ft Nalaya And Maya Karunna – Power Love (Jose Spinnin Cortes Subwoofer Club Mix)
Morrello – One Path (Original Mix)
MRVX – Pitch Down (Original Mix)
MTave – Take Me Down (Original Mix)
NEXBOY And KJ – Break The Rules (Original Mix)
No Saints And Stein – Crank It (First Gift Remix)
Om Daddy – My Skin Feels Electric (Jerome Zambino Remix)
RALPH – This Is Funky (Original Mix)
Real System And Edyta Kaminska – Troppo Cuore (Andyrave Vocal Mix)
Rymor ft Lux – Misery (Original Mix)
Sash S – All Of My Love (Original Mix)
Slink13 – Berserker (Extended Mix)
Supamono – Fenn A Kez! (Video Version)
Tim Tailor – Last Summer (Original Mix)
VIIWE – Vdgs (Original Mix)
Wild Noise – Revolt (Original Mix)

Funky House
Alexander Zabbi – Esto Es Pa Bailar (Original Mix)
Blacklight – Baby Got The Funk (Original Mix)
Bubblegum Pop – Fall Apart (Original Mix)
Cheyne Christian ft Chef Ron And The Latina – Trago (Kratehead Savage Disco Mix)
DJ NiPPER – Don’t Want To Be Lonely (Vocal Mix)
DJ Socca – Feel The Beat (Original Mix)
Dr House – Dont Fuck Me Tony (Original Mix)
Eires – Pantheonic (Original Mix)
Ferdee – Say Yes (R-Ty Remix)
Frankie Fandango – Warm Weather (Factor 20 Rework)
Frog – Samba (Original Mix)
Grotesque – Strange Things Are Happening (Original Mix)
Gussy (OG) – Dance Party (Original Mix)
Jassie – Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (2020 Rework)
La Riff – The Legend (Original Mix)
Ltg Long Travel Groove – Iiphunk (Original Mix)
Massivedrum – Bassdrive (Original Mix)
Oded Nir – App Time (The Remixes) (Original Mix)
Paolo Bardelli And Alan Junior – No Problem (Original Mix)
Sexgadget And Christian Desnoyers – Swing (Radio Edit)
The Boatpeople – The Shit (Original Mix)
Toby O’Connor – G Funk (Original Mix)
Tony Madrid – Into You (Original Mix)
Tony Soprano – Love Does (2020 Rework)
Tzesar – All For You (Original Mix)

Hands Up
2Sonic Feat. Destiny – Straight To the Light (Massmann Radio Cut)
Aleeze – Cuts Like Ice (Tribune Remix Edit)
Alex Kea feat. Destiny – Going Insane (Clubbticket Radio Edit)
Bad Drums – Future (Radio Mix)
Bad Drums – I’m Feeling Sad (Radio Mix)
Bad Drums – R U Ready (Radio Mix)
Chant Le Grand feat. Romy – Party Once Again (Radio Edit)
Crystal Rock – How You Love Me Now (Phillerz Remix Edit)
Cueboy Vs. Club Rockerz – What the Fuck Is Jumpstyle (Club Rockerz Radio Cut)
D3cay & R3lay – I’m Free (NeoTune! Remix Edit)
Dee Dee feat. Ray & Snyder – I Want You Back (Breakdawner Radio Edit)
DJ Fait – Go Your Own Way (Mix Edit)
DJ Fait – Here I Am (Mix Edit)
DJ Fait – Where Do You Belong (Club Edit)
DJ Noby – Dance (Chris Bates vs. Stephan Age Radio Cut)
DJ THT feat. Auzern – Junglist (Radio Edit)
DJ THT feat. Auzern – Open Up the Dancefloor (CJ MKH Radio Edit)
Don R. & 2Sonic – Front Attack (Radio Cut)
Een Stemming & Some Tunes – O.K.A.Y. (Radio Mix)
Een Stemming feat. Bad Drums – Goes Like This (Radio Mix)
Een Stemming feat. Bad Drums – One More Time (Radio Mix)
Flexxa – Let There Be Light (D-Tune Radio Cut)
Gabrielle Anderson – Later (Mainfield Remix Edit)
HalfStyle – Crank It (Radio Mix)
Hard Gin – In Silence (Radio Edit)
Hard Gin – Wish You Were Here (Radio Edit)
Inverno – Seconds to Paradise (Radio Mix)
IQ-Talo & Miss LaLuna – Sweet Little Lies (Alexkea feat. Raindropz! Remix Edit)
JeSe – Shout It Out Loud (Tosh & Ventura Remix Edit)
John Taylor feat. Julia Falke – Laugh Last (John Taylor vs. Kent Base Remix Edit)
Marco Van Bassken – If You Leave (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
Michael Night & Danny Keegan – Let the Music Do the Job (NeoTune! Edit)
Naya Marie – Can You Hear My Voice (Radio Mix)
Raaban & Evana – Nightwalkers (DJ THT Radio Edit)
Royal XTC feat. Molti – Hello (Alexkea feat. Raindropz! Remix Edit)
Some Tunes – Echo (Radio Mix)
Some Tunes – Rockin (Radio Mix)
South Blast! feat. Paula P’Cay – Boys & Girls (Hardbase Deejay Team Remix Edit)
Spring Emotions & Seaside Clubbers – Egoist (Topmodelz Edit)
Stee Wee Bee feat. Snyder & Ray – Leaving (Cc.K meets Blunatix Remix)
Stuff & Floor – She (Franky B. Radio Edit)
Sunbase Inc. – Next to You (Radio Cut)
Tasha – Black Due (Alexkea! Remix Edit)
TiWei – Dirty Slut (M&Ace Radio Mix)
Toby Stuff & Dany C. – Only One (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
Toby Stuff & Topmodelz – Hold On To the Vision (Topmodelz Edit)
Tosh & Ventura – I Feel I Like to Jump (Radio Edit)
Tronix DJ feat. Gemma B. – Someday (Radio Edit)
UK Maniax – I’m a Raver (Radio Edit)
United Dance Allstars – Help 4 Japan (Raindropz! Remix Edit)

Adri Pacheco – Rumble (Original Mix)
Aemilian – Tornado (Jerk And Bastard Remix)
Agustin Massini – Her Shade (Original Mix)
AL-Faris And Superfinger ft Genius Jane – Shout (Tom And Dexx Remix)
Alderan – Got To Be Free (Instrumental Mix)
ALPHACAST – Never Let You Down (Original Mix)
Brock Edwards – Wanna Be Dub’d (ABYSS Rework)
Brockman And Basti M – Everywhere We Go (Isek And Blaikz Remix)
CALEIDESCOPE ft Gxldjunge – Enjoy The Silence (Bodybangers Remix)
Calmani And Grey ft Chad Clemens – To The Moon And Back (Timbo Remix)
CEV’s – Higher Deeper
Code3000 – Juno (Original Mix)
Coflo – Lux (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
Crystal Waters And Fred Pellichero – Say Yeah (Original Radio Edit)
D FF – Need 2 Know (Original Mix)
Danny Dearden – Can’t Stop Me Now (Lackmus Remix)
Dansir – See You (Original Mix)
Dario K. – Triangularity (Original Mix)
Denace 2 Society And Cris Ruiz – La Xanga (Original Mix)
DIE BOYS – Akkurat (Original Mix)
DJ Tonka – She Knows You (Calippo And DJ Tonka Radio Mix)
Evotia – Don’t You Need Me (Radio Edit)
FDF (Italy) – Your Everything
Fedde Le Grand And Holl And Rush – Feel Good (Radio Edit)
Finiq – Big Boss (Slashed Zero Remix)
Flexxus – Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Flip Capella And Otray And Vinze ft Ashley Jana – Going Crazy (Akela Remix)
Fran Garay – Fall in Melody (Original Mix)
Gabo Martin – Only You (Original Mix)
George Alhabel – 6 27 (Original Mix)
Gino Love – Darling You
Glen Horsborough Ida fLO – Switched On (Michael Gray Remix)
Groove Killah Alfanii – Sassy
Hazzaro – Night Calling
Henry Navarro – Night Shift
Herald – Party Time
HouseVerstand – Fire! (Original Mix)
Hugo Villanova – Stopec
iMarcus – Back To The Slacker (DJ AX Remix)
J-Fader – Soul Control
Jack Rush – 925 (Original Mix)
James Grearson – After Hours
Jo Paciello – Balearica
Konte – There’s Still More (Original Mix)
Laserkraft 3D – Jumpin’ (Phil Fuldner Remix)
Leandro Murua – Ancestry (Original Mix)
Leap Seconds – Around Us (Original Mix)
Leon Brooks – Insecure (Original Mix)
Loz J Yates – This Way (Let The Needle Skip) (Kode Breakerz Remix)
Lush Djs – Just Because
MAMA – Not Enough (David K. Remix)
Marc (AR) – Bells and Sounds (Original Mix)
Mogi Wa Wa – Flat Justice
Nannini – Capybara (Original Mix)
Pad Beryll E-Man – Beat Of The Drum
Patricio Mucchielli – To a Dear Friend (Original Mix)
Poli Siufi – Nausicaa (Original Mix)
Rod Notario – Main Hawk (Original Mix)
SALAZAR (COL) – Laniakea (Original Mix)
Sam Collins And Salkin – Ain’t Gonna Talk (Original Mix)
Sanzy – Westmoreland (Original Mix)
Sean Jay Dee – Memories (Arty Violin Remix)
Sebastien Emes – How I Feel (Extended Mix)
Shapov – Disco Tufli (Radio Edit)
Silverfox – Another Victim
Sleg – Lost Cities of the Deep (Original Mix)
SOLON – Ready For The Night (Original Mix)
STEEL And Crystal Rock ft Heleen – Another World (Original Mix)
T.M.O – Feeling (Festival Mix)
Teddy Cream – Home (Rokston And Leon Brooks Remix)
Temry And Vescu ft Joey Busse – Just Dance (Original Mix)
Thales Senses – Elemento (Original Mix)
Tim Bourne – Prana (Original Mix)
Tony Fuel – Fire Burnin’ (Sasha Virus Remix)
Zulker(AR) & Frlock – Yeah Son (Original Mix)

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