Fresh Trance Pack [21-March-2021]

Aktyum – Breaking Point.mp3
Aktyum – Inside Out.mp3
Aktyum – The Wizard Of Dose.mp3
Aladiah – Law Of Attraction.mp3
Alienn – Chakra Source.mp3
Alienn – Yeah Science! (Alienn Remix).mp3
Amplify – Ainu (Feat. Gizma).mp3
Amplify – Seeking Nirvana.mp3
Astrounit – Dreamstate.mp3
Aurawave – Brain Gain.mp3
Aurawave – Energy Injection.mp3
Bellatrix – Experiment Mode.mp3
Bellatrix – Pathway Of Consciousness.mp3
Bitbox – Control Voltage.mp3
Bruno Minimal Criminal – Hope.mp3
Bruno Minimal Criminal – New World Order.mp3
Bruno Minimal Criminal – Quarantine.mp3
Champa And Bitkit – Cybernetics.mp3
Chronomirage – Attack Of Creation.mp3
Copy And Paste – Be Yourself.mp3
Critical Choice – Roots (Static Movement Remix).mp3
Cylon – Connection To The Planet.mp3
Cylon – Guess Who’s Coming To Brunch.mp3
Deep Kontakt – Show Me.mp3
Disfunction – Magikal Mantra (Bruno Minimal Criminal Remix).mp3
District Solaris – Psychedelic State.mp3
Eclectic Attack – Expanding Universe.mp3
Eclectic Attack – Powerful Substance.mp3
Eclectic Attack – Sensory Deprivation.mp3
Egorythmia – Fragments Lost.mp3
Electric Feel – Rise Machines.mp3
Frantic Noise – California Dreamer.mp3
Frantic Noise – Future Fractal Fm.mp3
Frantic Noise – So Let Me Tell You A Story.mp3
Frantic Noise – Stranger Things.mp3
Hyriderz – Paradigm.mp3
Invisible Reality – Chernobyl.mp3
Ital And Fiction – Ephemeris.mp3
Jackie Changa – Brainwashing.mp3
Jackie Changa – Mentanglement (Feat. Syttva).mp3
Jackie Changa – Phantom Phobic.mp3
Jacob Vs. Jilax – Art And Melody.mp3
Jimmy Chou – Orion (Original Mix).mp3
Kalki And Lunarave – Another State Of Matter.mp3
Mad Maxx And Ozzy – Kookaburra (Morganic Remix).mp3
Mandala – Entity Dance.mp3
Mindbenderz – The 5th Level (Dual Vision Remix).mp3
Modus – Under The C.mp3
Moonlight Burns – High On Anything (Silent Penguin Remix).mp3
Mysmatic – Arthropods Echoes.mp3
Mysmatic – Curious Meeting.mp3
Mysmatic – Nocturnal Phenomena.mp3
Nostromosis – Peace And Glory.mp3
Outsiders Vs. Spacenoize – Outer Space.mp3
Ovnimoon – Process Of Life (Spectra Sonics & Dominant Space Remix).mp3
Ovnimoon Vs. Alex Starsound – Pistilo.mp3
Panayota – Different Story.mp3
Panayota – In Love.mp3
Pleiadians – I Believe (Samadhi Remix).mp3
Protonica – Symmetry (Interactive Noise Remix).mp3
Protonica – Symmetry.mp3
Psychobass – Temple Of Consciousness.mp3
Retronic – Revival.mp3
Retronic – The Wilderness.mp3
Saman Mehmani – Takeoff (Original Mix).mp3
Silent Penguin – Intertwined.mp3
Sinestesia – Junpei Crystal Co..mp3
Sonic Entity – Fabric Of The Universe.mp3
Soundragon – Exuberant Life (Festival Mix).mp3
Soundragon – Exuberant Life.mp3
Source Unknown – Not Impossible.mp3
Source Unknown – Utopian Polarity.mp3
Synthologic – Emotion From The Sound Engines.mp3
Synthologic – Magnetized Memories.mp3
Synthologic – Mind Reaction.mp3
Transpose – Lunar Phases.mp3
Tropical Bleyage – Morning Healer (Solitary Shell Remix).mp3
Two Faces – Enter The Matrix.mp3
Two Faces – Eu Sou.mp3
Two Faces – Open The Portal.mp3
Wicked BR – Ghosts (Dub).mp3
Wicked BR – Ghosts (Original Mix).mp3
Wicked BR – Survivor (Original Mix).mp3
Wicked BR – Suvivor (Dub).mp3
Will Atkinson & Sykesy – End Game (Extended Mix).mp3
Will Atkinson & Sykesy – End Game.mp3
Xavian & Paul Bartolome – Won’t Let Go (extended mix).mp3
Xavian & Paul Bartolome – Won’t Let Go.mp3
Yenko Allen – Astrology (Original Mix).mp3

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