01 Alex Duvall Ft. Leoni Torres Life Goes On Intro Outro Clean 90 Bpm Reggaeton 5A 90 03:11 7.30MB
02 Baby Lores Eddy K La Chica Modelo Intro Outro Clean Cubaton 107 Bpm 6A 107 03:41 8.46MB
02 Leo Vera Punishment Intro Break Outro Clean 87 Bpm Salsa 8A 87 06:21 14.55MB
03 Baby Lores Eddy K The Girl Model Intro Another Clean Transition Merengue To Cubaton 130 107 Bpm 5A 130 03:33 8.13MB
03 Los Barraza The Best Version Of My Intro Outro Clean 84 Bpm Salsa 12A 84 06:16 14.35MB
04 El Nino y La Verdad Alexander Abreu To take it with me Intro Outro Clean 97 Bpm Salsa 7A 98 05:48 13.30MB
05 Yomil And The Dany Ft The Taiger Chalk X Draft Intro Outro Clean 110 Bpm Cubaton 3A 110 03:50 8.81MB
06 Daddy Yankee Nicky Jam Vs. Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper Intro Outro Clean 100 Bpm Reggaeton Mashup 10A 100 05:00 11.47MB
07 Daddy Yankee Nicky Jam Muйvelo Intro Outro Clean 94 Bpm Reggaeton 7A 94 04:07 9.43MB
10 Jackal X Lenier X Divine The Lie Intro Another Clean 100 Bpm Reggaeton 4A 100 03:53 8.90MB
11 Dj Snake Ft. Anitta Sean Paul Tainy Fuego Intro Outro Clean 105 Bpm Reggaeton 1A 105 03:48 8.73MB
12 Dj Snake Ft. Anitta Sean Paul Tainy Fuego Intro Break Outro Clean 105 Bpm Reggaeton 1A 105 03:49 8.74MB
13 Dj Snake Ft. Anitta Sean Paul Tainy Fuego Intro Starter Outro Clean Transition Hiphop To Reggaeton 105 Bpm 1A 105 04:07 9.44MB
14 Jacob Forever Duele Intro Outro Clean 83 Bpm Hiphop 2B 83 03:54 8.97MB
Arcangel Sech Romeo Santos Sigues With Remix Acapella Starter Out Clean Ezequiel Dj Reggaeton 1B 88 03:34 8.18MB
Black Eyed Peas Feat. Ozuna J. Rey Soul Mamacita Intro Outroclean105Bpm Ezequiel Dj Moombahton 7A 105 04:17 9.81MB
Brytiago Wisin EtroButro Intro Other 7A 92 03:19 7.62MB
Mana Bendita Tu Luz Bachata Version Extendedclean120Bpm Ezequiel Dj Bachata 9B 120 04:25 10.11MB
Myke Towers Other Intro Outroclean90Bpm Ezequiel Dj Reggaeton 7A / 8A 90 03:56 9.01MB
Romeo Santos Ft El Chaval De La Bachata Canalla Extendedclean130Bpm Ezequiel Dj Bachata 10A 130 04:12 9.62MB
Romeo Santos Ft Joe Veras Amor Buried Extendedclean118Bpm Ezequiel Dj Bachata 11B 118 04:25 10.13MB
Romeo Santos Ft Kiko Rodriguez The Kiss I Didn’t Give Extendedclean128Bpm Ezequiel Dj Bachata 9A 128 03:53 8.91MB
Romeo Santos Ft Teodoro Reyes Ileso Extendedclean151Bpm Ezequiel Dj Bachata 7A 151 03:58 9.10MB
Sech Relacion Intro Outroclean86Bpm Ezequiel Dj Reggaeton 5A 86 03:14 7.40MB
Yandel Espionage Intro Ouroclean86Pm Ezequiel Dj Reggaeton 3A 86 03:33 8.15MB

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