Beatport Weekend Picks 14 (2021)


Ale Castro – Work it (Original Mix).mp3
Ale Castro, martinko – The Droplets (Original Mix).mp3
Alex Kennon – Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix).mp3
Alinka – Rhythm Sister (Original Mix).mp3
Ammo Avenue – Special (Aguilar Italy Remix Extended Mix).mp3
Anika Kunst – Different Approach (Original Mix).mp3
Arash Shadram, Eleonora – Feel You (Extended Version).mp3
Aron Volta – Eve (Original Mix).mp3
Aron Volta – Hot Night (Original Mix).mp3
Aron Volta – Rewind (Original Mix).mp3
Aron Volta – Sugar (Original Mix).mp3
Avidus – Indigo (Johannes Albert Remix).mp3
Avidus – Indigo (Original Mix).mp3
Avidus – More LFO (Original Mix).mp3
Beatman, Ludmilla – Welcome to Skullduggery (Original Mix).mp3
Brett Gould – Everybody (Original Mix).mp3
Carter (AUS) – Gotcha With Me (Original Mix).mp3
Chicola – La Nina Del Mar (Original Mix).mp3
Chris Main – Secrets (Extended Mix).mp3
CID – Can’t Stop Missing You feat. Lizzy Land (Extended Mix).mp3
Classmatic – Forget The Past (Original Mix).mp3
Coeo – Hyperactive (Hot Version).mp3
CS13 – Cuba Libre (Original Mix).mp3
D.Mongelos – My Old Warehouse (Original Mix).mp3
Dahu – Circuit Sparked A Memory (Original Mix).mp3
Dahu – Into Oblivion (Original Mix).mp3
Dank, Frankie Bones – The Drums (Robpm Rmx).mp3
Demuir – Butter Gruv (Ease Up Nah!) (Original Mix) .mp3
Demuir – Lemme Hear It (DUB) .mp3
Demuir – Lemme Hear It (Original Mix) .mp3
Demuir – Stop Your Mind (Original Mix) .mp3
Diego Infanzon – Big Doors (Original Mix).mp3
Diego Infanzon – Danger Time (Original Mix).mp3
Diego Infanzon – Stand Up (Original Mix).mp3
Discontrol – Genelec (Original Mix).mp3
DJ T. – Harem Disco (Chaim & Uriah Klapter Remix).mp3
DMX Krew – Spare Parts (Original Mix).mp3
Eden Prince, Akua – Love You Again (feat. Akua) (Extended Mix).mp3
EdOne – Devilish Whistle (Alex Medina Remix).mp3
EdOne – Devilish Whistle (Original Mix).mp3
EdOne – Surrrealism (Murat Uncuoglu Remix).mp3
EdOne – Surrrealism (Original Mix).mp3
Felipe Gordon – How Do U Spell That Spell (Original Mix).mp3
Finest Wear – Forgiveness (Original Mix).mp3
Firebeatz – Show The Way (Extended Mix).mp3
Flashmob – Closer (Extended Mix).mp3
Forest Drive West – Dualism (Original Mix).mp3
Gorje Hewek – Forest Song in the Morning (Original Mix).mp3
Grum – Tears (Kassey Voorn Remix).mp3
Hypnotic Image – Real (Original Mix).mp3
Irregular Synth, Nakadia – One Way to Mars (Radio Edit).mp3
James Burton – Lets Fork (Original Mix).mp3
Janeret – Reminiscence (Original Mix).mp3
Jerome Hill – Murked Man (Original Mix).mp3
Jovonn – Random (Extended Mix).mp3
Junior & Lost Desert, Junior, Lost Desert – Yo Nde (Original Mix).mp3
Killbox – Rodan (Original Mix).mp3
LevyM, Elise De Koning – Dance Again (Original Mix).mp3
Mad Maxx, Avalon – Heaven Eleven (Original Mix).mp3
Mallin – Off My Mind (Extended Mix).mp3
Martin Ikin, Biscits, Anelisa Lamola – Ready 2 Dance feat. Anelisa Lamola (Extended Mix).mp3
Mason Collective – The Light Is Changing (Extended Mix).mp3
Masters at Work – Mattel (Original Mix).mp3
Matt Sassari – House Before It Was Techno (Original Mix).mp3
Mhammed El Alami, Spy – Balance (Extended Mix).mp3
Midway – Amazon (Allen Watts Remix).mp3
Mister Sweatband – Leotard (Original Mix).mp3
MITA (BR) – Space Garden (Original Mix).mp3
Molecular – Space Train (Original Mix).mp3
NIVIRO – The Ashes (Extended Mix).mp3
Praise Cats, Andrea Love – Shined On Me feat. Andrea Love (Les Bisous Extended Remix).mp3
Riaz Dhanani – Rewind (Original Mix).mp3
RL Grime, Isoxo – Stinger (Original Mix).mp3
Rosalinda de la Espada – Quiribi (Yamil Remix).mp3
Saison – Rocinante (Extended Mix).mp3
Sanchez (UK) – Raftan (Original Mix).mp3
Sanchez (UK) – South Central (Original Mix).mp3
Seumas Norv – Make You Happy (Extended Mix).mp3
Sidney Charles – Constant Emotion (Original Mix).mp3
Sidney Charles – Gain Slide (Original Mix).mp3
Sidney Charles – Velo CIty (Leon (Italy) Remix).mp3
Sidney Charles – Velo City (Original Mix).mp3
Sinisa Tamamovic, Katarina Tatic – Hypnotised (Original Mix).mp3
Skjold – Perceptions (Original Mix).mp3
Slam – Deflect (Original Mix).mp3
TacoMan, Raized – 90’s MTV (Original Mix).mp3
Tapesh, SaintŠs, Tapesh, Saintes – Cosmic Gate (Original Mix).mp3
Tenzella – Direction (Original Mix).mp3
The Shapeshifters, Teni Tinks – You Ain’t Love (feat. Teni Tinks) (Club Mix).mp3
Tim Engelhardt – Prophecy (Original Mix).mp3
Tim Engelhardt, Hannah Noelle – Ionized feat. Hannah Noelle (Original Mix).mp3
Trex – Stress Test (Original Mix).mp3
TWR72 – Void (Original Mix).mp3
Uncertain – Rude (Original Mix).mp3
UNDERHER, Anaphase – Everything Goes (Monkey Safari Remix).mp3
Vales – Don’t Call Me (Original Mix).mp3
Varun Fernandes – Wicked Game (Jerome Isma-Ae & Kamilo Sanclemente Remix).mp3
Wave Particle Singularity, Adnan – Measurements (Original Mix).mp3

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