Beatport New Releases Pack [11-September-2021]

A-Ninetyfour – Catholique
A-Ninetyfour – Smoothie
Amare – Lasciva
Anden – Rewind (Yotto Extended Remix)
Anfisa Letyago – Fuga
Anfisa Letyago – Keep Flight
Anfisa Letyago – Rhythm Tension – Bucaneve – Primaver – Silene – Tarassaco – Us
Black Circle – Inner Tension
Claude VonStroke, Nala – Everything Is Burning
Claude VonStroke, Nala – Wet State
Cosmic Boys – Power
FAIDE – Avoy (Martin Tanner Remix)
FAIDE – Avoy
FAIDE – Loosing Grip (Martin Tanner Remix)
FAIDE – Loosing Grip
Gru V – Retrograde
Hernan Martinez (AR) – Intensity
Hernan Martinez (AR) – Reflection
Hidden Empire – Pont de la Caille
J Lannutti – Dwingeloo
James Hurr, Lizzie Curious – The Revival (Extended Mix)
Jay Nu – Dadubasnamanaya
Jay Nu – High Level Potter
KAMADEV – Quential
KAMADEV – Zepher (Waxman Remix)
KAMADEV – Zepher
Kotelett – I Got Something For You (Lauer Remix)
Kristin Velvet – Frequency
Kristin Velvet – The Foundation
K™NI – Sa Trinxa
K™NI – Ses Salines
Lomandeep – Hello P
Luca Marchese – Brainporting
Luca Marchese – Galactic Dream
M.Rojas – Four Leaf Clover
Mata Jones – Ggg
Mata Jones – Monday
Metin Kalkan – Stallion
Molla, Joezi, Idd Aziz – Parapanda
Mo_Cream – Magic Rhodes
Mo_Cream – You Got to My Head
Namito – Fountain Of Life (Butane _ Riko Forinson Final Form Remix)
Namito – Fountain Of Life (Fairplay Remix)
Namito – More Than Just Your Passion (NU, Israel Vich, GuyOhm Remix)
Namito – More Than Just Your Passion (Phonique Remix)
Namito – Relentless (Stimmhalt Remix)
Nicolas Benedetti – When You Were Here
Nicolas Caprile, Chinonegro – Groovid – 19 (Extended Mix)
Nicolas Caprile, Chinonegro – Sabor Latino (Darius Syrossian Extended Mix)
Nicolas Caprile, Chinonegro – Sabor Latino (Extended Mix)
PASINDU – Burn Miracel (Javier Stefano Remix)
PASINDU – Burn Miracel (Matias Nose Remix)
PASINDU – Burn Miracel
PASINDU – The Gravity (Emcroy Remix)
PASINDU – The Gravity
Patrick Scuro, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Philipp Lewinski – Return to Status
Patrick Scuro, ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, Philipp Lewinski – Somewhere
Ruben Karapetyan – Ambrosia (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Ruben Karapetyan – Ambrosia
Ruben Karapetyan – Never Again (Fuenka Remix)
Ruben Karapetyan – Never Again
Tantum – Hollow Sun (Micah Remix)
Tantum – Hollow Sun
Tantum – Nvmd
Tenzella – The LWC (Mark Broom Remix)
Tonaco – Solatium
VITO (UK) – Need Somebody
VITO (UK) – Tell Me How
Vridian – Bloodmoon
Walls of Arctica – Into The Abyss
Walls of Arctica – Midnight Call
Walls of Arctica – The Chase
Wh0, Kideko – Soul Searcher (Extended Mix)
Ame – And End
Ame – Pink Elephant
Ame – What The Hell
Ame, KARYYN – The Witness

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