Beatport Music [11-October-2021]

181 Degree – Ghost (Teho Remix)
Aiden – Arboretum (Clawz Sg Remix)
Albert Chiovenda – Cluster (Original) [Affekt Recordings]
Albert Chiovenda – The Dwelling Place (Original) [Affekt Recordings]
Albert Chiovenda – Undulating Terrain (Original) [Affekt Recordings]
Alessio Serra – The Soul Inside
alex gomez – Get It On
Alex Heide – Vibromatic
Alexander Koning – Beau Is Horny (Extended Mix)
Allen Wish – Be Alone (Extended Mix) [NONSTOP]
Allen Wish – This Time Around (Extended Mix) [NONSTOP]
Aluria & Aman Anand – Stop the Silence (Gmj Silence Speaks Mix)
Anders. – Mirr (Dust Panic Remix)
Aninha – Acid Mars
Anto – Orizzonti
ARP. – After a Wonderful… (Paul Twin Remix)
Audioglider – Last of the Epicureans (Mode Apart Remix)
Axel Helios – Pumas (In a Major) [Mateo Murphy Remix]
Bee Lincoln – We Are So
Brokenears & Robert Owens – On It’s Way (Supernova Extended Remix)
Bwaves – Maitri
C.V.O – Lola’s Motility
Carlos Zypin – Borealis [Street Habitat]
Carlos Zypin – Nebula [Street Habitat]
Chicks Luv Us – Don’t Stop (feat. Black Trash)
Cosmic Clap – Away (Dudley Strangeways Remix) [Leftback Intercities]
Cosmic Clap – Away [Leftback Intercities]
Cosmic Clap – Extraction [Leftback Intercities]
Cosmic Clap – Mirage [Leftback Intercities]
Cosmic Clap – Strange Days [Leftback Intercities]
Cosmic Crisis – Rising My Sun (Extended Mix)
Cressida – Ligeias Last Dance (Extended Mix) [Avanti]
CucaRafa – Blue Dream
Dale Howard – Let Me Be
Dan & Dan – Disfunktional Lover (Abel Meyer Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Dan & Dan – Disfunktional Lover [ARRVL Records]
Dan & Dan – Imminent Eternity (Four Candles Remix) [ARRVL Records]
Dan & Dan – Imminent Eternity [ARRVL Records]
Daniel Ray – Strut With Harpsi (Souto Remix)
David Calo – Clean & Remove [3rd Avenue]
David Calo – Within [3rd Avenue]
Davide Ferrario – Something I Will Remember
DEDS – We Came to Party
Dipech – All Right [Distance Music]
Dipech – Just Vibes [Distance Music]
DJ Zombi – The Day After (Extended Mix)
Dostroic – Undefined System
Dukokar – Ima
E Bora – Dance Outside [Neele Records]
E Bora – Homesick [Neele Records]
Edgar Peng – Retouch
Edvard Hunger – I Will Be With You [NEO]
Edvard Hunger – You Will Next [NEO]
Ernest & Frank – Icon (Argy Remix)
Esteban Ikasovic – Natural Balance (Nantais & Hazendonk Remix)
Fernando Campo – Sunny [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Fernando Campo – Ya se Viene [H.A.S.H.T.A.G.]
Foot – Into Hallucination (Alessandro Diga Remix)
Forest Echo One – Bound By Hate
Forty Cats – Fogging (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
Forty Cats – Yarilo
Fran Bortolossi – Et Vous
Francesco Pico – Blinkers
Gabriel Evoke – Polaris
gabss – Ozzye
Gallegos – Mms
Gallegos – Walk and Seek
George Ledakis – Akoo (Andrea Ghirotti Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (Felix E Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (J Ulio Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (Jares Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (Maartell Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (Savaggio & Konsounds Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (Stranger Tourists Early Morning) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo (SuperHumanUK Remix) [ThreeRecords]
George Ledakis – Akoo [ThreeRecords]
Giorgos Gatzigristos – Town (Lanny May Remix)
Gipsy Queens – Rosella
Hannes Matthiessen – Black Ice Rain (Zeltak Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Hannes Matthiessen – Black Ice Rain [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Hannes Matthiessen – Sprinkler [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Hoochie Coochie Papa – Attitude (Andr‚ Rech Remix) [LoveDogs]
Hoochie Coochie Papa – Attitude [LoveDogs]
Hoochie Coochie Papa – Knight Rider (TouchTalk Remix) [LoveDogs]
Hoochie Coochie Papa – Knight Rider [LoveDogs]
Hotswing – Pump Up (Extended Mix)
idjay – Piongo (Harmonious Remix)
Ilya Gerus – Safiya (Stranger Tourists Remix)
Ina Becker – About You (Noraj Cue Remix)
Incorrect Waves – Room of Dirt
Innersection – Supraether
Iv n Cubillos – Just What Sort of Person You Desire Me to Be
Jan Johnston, Simon Sinfield, Paul Sawyer – Winter Sun v One Step Beyond (Wind Down Mix)
Jnks – Nakita
Joel Forsberg – En Spegelsvart Exil (Dustin Nantais Remix)
John Deluxe & Schlafmutze – Porta 14
Joseph Cook & Thrilogy – Ecstacy Garage
Joseph Cook – Rise Up
Juanma Martinez (AR) – Combo Morbo (Nico Bordolini Remix) [R Records]
Juanma Martinez (AR) – Combo Morbo [R Records]
Juanma Martinez (AR) – Moderate [R Records]
Julio Corrales – Blue Guitar [Happy Techno Limited]
Julio Corrales – Rega Regatown [Happy Techno Limited]
Julio Corrales – Still Up [Happy Techno Limited]
Kevin Luke & Dan Cunha – Tropicalis
Knyazev (RU) – Diagonal Shadow [Conceptual Deep]
Knyazev (RU) – Vostok 1961 [Conceptual Deep]
Kolombo, Eyes Faces – Rockin’ (Sebass Remix) [Family Piknik Music]
Kolombo, Eyes Faces – Rockin’ [Family Piknik Music]
Kolombo, Eyes Faces – We Hate It (Pontias Remix) [Family Piknik Music]
Kolombo, Eyes Faces – We Hate It [Family Piknik Music]
Kris O’Neil – Till You Tell Me (feat. Waves On Waves) [Extended Mix]
KYOTTO – Finding Estrella (Analog Jungs Remix)
Lebedev (RU) – Minority
Leomar – Horizon [Crossfade Sounds]
Leomar – Nobody’s Land [Crossfade Sounds]
Leomar – Plug and Play [Crossfade Sounds]
Leomar – Woodland [Crossfade Sounds]
Leon Lobato – Tahja
LLL – Suck Your Propaganda
LondonGround – Glitch Boy (Alessio Viggiano Remix) [Moan]
LondonGround – Glitch Boy [Moan]
LondonGround – Red Line [Moan]
Lui Danzi – What U Think
L‚o Janeiro – Jimmy’s Groove
Mariner + Domingo – I Still Feel (Orange & Indigo Remix)
Martin Badder & Phat Boy – When the Hurt Is Over (Extended Mix)
Massimo Logli – Marsic (feat. Hattie Snooks) [Extended Mix]
Matik (AR) – Universus
Matt Rowan – Times 2 (Jean Caillou Remix)
Mattik – Knuckle Down
Mike Parker – Bleepazoid (Part 1)
Mike Parker – Bleepazoid (Part 2)
Mike Parker – Heat Inducer
Mike Parker – Kinetic Statues
Missfeat – Save the Children
MR.MNT, Matter of Tact – Illusional (feat. Eleonora) [Paul Hazendonk Remix]
My Friend Dario – Fenice (Yousef Circus Rework)
My Friend Dario – Neve Su Acireale (La Mano Rework)
NaJeh – Nova
Namhar – Futile
Nate S.U, Elijah Something – Greg’s Revenge (iO Mulen Remix)
Nate S.U, Elijah Something – Greg’s Revenge
Nate S.U, Elijah Something – Late Night Rail
Nate S.U, Elijah Something – Mint Minute
Neverdogs – Barcelona
Neverdogs – Pollock (Wheats Remix)
Neverdogs – Pollock
Nicola Gavino – Boom Boom
Nicola Gavino – Work It
oddchapters – Blur
oddchapters – Lies feat. Mal Mirage (SHINE! Remix)
oddchapters – Lies feat. Mal Mirage
Ohmz – Multiversal
Panik Pop – Things Right (Deep Mix)
Paul Darey & Joe Red – The Number 1 (Harry Romero’s Deep in Jersey Remix)
Paul Daze – Three Visits (Extended Mix)
Paul Johnson – You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Zoe Thorn) [Supernova Extended Remix]
Paul Sawyer – The Wave (feat. Laura Welle) [Radio Edit]
Pete Zorba – The Valley
Private One – Biological Games (Extended Mix)
Private One – Mio Plus Mia (Extended Mix)
Rakham – Frequensea
Rebelski – Landscapes (Extended Mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia – When We Were Kids (Audiojack Extended Remix)
Ruben Mandolini – Romantica
Rudy UK – Descent
Rudy UK – Different Line
Rudy UK – Substrate
Ryan – Hidden Guitar
Santo Adriano – Zodiac
Seed Selector – Sonho L£cido
Sei A – All Out
Sei A – Balance
Sei A – Open Spaces
Sei A – The Other Side Of
Sei A – Universal Love
Sei A – Warm
Shaded (LA), Cari Golden – Layback Maybach
Shura – Alone (Dub Taylor Mix)
Shura – Alone (Instrumental)
Shura – Brightness
Shura – Busta Thromp
Shura – Heaven
Shura – Room in a Room
Shura – Shellac
Shura – Snowdrops
Sigma Proxy – Sirens
Simon Sinfield & Paul Sawyer – Atrium (Re-Wind Mix)
Simon Sinfield & Paul Sawyer – Phoenix Rising (feat. SOPHIE BARKER) [Vocal Mix]
Simon Sinfield – Atomizer (Wind Down Intro Mix)
Simon Sinfield – Suomi
Sonickraft – Unfold Me
Stanccione – Please Come In
Stiv Hey – Run Home
Stiv Hey – Syndromes
Stockholm Syndrome SK – Insomnia
Supernova – Electronic Love
Supernova – It’s Time (feat. Mr. V) [Dario D’attis Extended Remix]
Supernova – Lovely Summer Dreams (Gorge Extended Remix)
Supernova – State of Mind (Extended Mix)
Syap – Push It Push It (Extended Mix)
Tayllor – Diala
Tayllor – Ghiyat
The Beloved – Sun Rising
The Downtown Brothers – Flashdancer (Extended Mix)
The Downtown Brothers – My Back Door (Supernova Remix)
The Loco, Joono – Arrival (Martin Ojeda Remix)
The Loco, Joono – Arrival (Matias Burna Remix)
The Loco, Joono – Arrival
The Loco, Joono – Departure
The Neighbors – Retorno
Thommes Jay – Uluru
Thrilogy – All Night (With U) [90S Edit]
Thrilogy – Fervour of Devotion
Timo Veranta – Resistant
Timo Veranta – We The People
Timo Veranta,Henheimer – Oscillate
Timo Veranta,Henheimer – They Don’t Speak
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Messianic Tendencies
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Tiny Heart Bracelet
Tony Scadan – Concentrate
Tony Scadan – Desu
Tony Scadan – See More
Tony Scadan – Used
Tresillo – The You That’s Inside (feat. Robert Owens) [Epic Mix]
Tresillo – The You That’s Inside (feat. Robert Owens) [Straight Up Mix]
Tresillo – The You That’s Inside (feat. Robert Owens) [Sunrise Mix]
Tresillo – The You That’s Inside (feat. Robert Owens)
Trinity & Beyond – Another Day (Child Remix)
Tuba Twooz – Rain Over the Sun (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
Tuba Twooz – Rain Over the Sun
Vandelor – La Travesia (Beije Remix)
Vandelor – La Travesia (Yashar Sargordan Dub Remix)
Vandelor – La Travesia (Yashar Sargordan Remix)
Vandelor – La Travesia
VIII-RE – Keep Ready
VIII-RE – Sub Tone A
Vini Sist – Awake
Wally Lopez – Back to the Basics
Wally Lopez – Desde El Underground
Wally Lopez – Extra Plus
Zalvador – Isolated
ZDN – Isolate

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