Beatport Best New Progressive House Tracks (October 2021)

Abity – Particles (Original Mix)
Albuquerque, Foletto – Hamlet (Original Mix)
Alex Clap – Voizes (Original Mix)
Alex O’Rion, Matter – Katana (Original Mix)
Alexey Union, Darknezz – Kedah (Extended Mix)
Analog Jungs – Basanta (Torsten Fassbender Remix)
Andrea Cassino, Lio Q – Asante (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
Andr‚s Moris – Stomper (Original Mix)
ANUQRAM – Tell Me (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
B.A.X. – Angel Whispers (Original Mix)
Basil O’Glue – Fated (Original Mix)
C-Jay, LOM (AR), Stephane Gervais – Dormarch (D-Formation & Masella Remix)
Carlo Whale – Head Over Heels (Original Mix)
Carsten Halm – Sandsturm (Original Mix)
CHRIS MORGAN – No (Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Extended Remix)
Dabeat – Sentinal (Original Mix)
DNYO – Sensoria (Original Mix)
EANP – Stereograms (Original Mix)
Eric Lune – Airbag (Nick Muir Remix)
Ewan Rill – Age (Original Mix)
Eynka – Gambito (Original Mix)
Felix Raphael – Fending off Lows feat. Allies for Everyone (Rafael Cerato Remix)
Forerunners – Ancient Methods (Original Mix)
Forty Cats – Freyja (Original Mix)
Forty Cats, Meeting Molly – Lagom (Original Mix)
Fuenka – Ricochet (Sean & Dee Extended Mix)
Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio – J’aime L’amour (Original Mix)
GMJ, Zankee Gulati – Eraya (Original Mix)
Golan Zocher – Ready to Fly feat. Rona (IL) (Stereo Underground Instrumental Remix)
Golan Zocher, Velveta – Summer Sun (Emi Galvan Remix)
Helen&Boys, Two Are – Try To (Original Mix)
Hicky & Kalo – For Better Days (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
Higgins (UK) – The Right People – the Right Place (Chris Micali Remix)
Hot Tuneik – Snake (2K21 Mix)
Imran Khan – Horizonz (Juan Deminicis Remix)
Imran Khan – In My Head (Original Mix)
Ivan Berkowitz, Luke Segreto – Ritmo (Original Mix)
Jamie Stevens – 4 Shadows (Original Mix)
Jelle van Leeuwen – The Bonfire (Original Mix)
John 00 Fleming , Fuenka – Corruption (Chapter 3)
Julian Rodriguez, Maximo Gambini – Plastic People (Monograph & The Cobb Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente, Mauro Aguirre – Broken feat. Luli Diaz (Extended Mix)
Kasper Koman – Wilder (Alex O’Rion Remix)
Kenan Savrun, Sinan Arsan – Penumbra (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
Killahurtz – Return to West on 27th (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)
Lastraw, Nine Collins – Lost Generation (Circle of Life Remix)
Li-Polymer – Microclima (GMJ Remix)
Liam Sieker, Wilma (AU) – Momentary Lapse in Time (Dimuth K Remix)
Lluis Ribalta, Redspace – Trace (Original Mix)
Luka Sambe – Spy Games (Original Mix)
Luke Chable – Melburn (Kasey Taylor Remix)
Madloch, Subnode – A Short Moment (Petar Dundov Remix)
Madloch, Subnode – Utopia (Original Mix)
Maryer – Sunrise (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi – Nowhere (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi – Serengeti (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Matt Rowan – Sanctity (Original Mix)
Max Freegrant, Aves Volare – Addiction (Extended Mix)
Medusa, Ritchie Haydn – Caught Up (Original Mix)
Michael A – Focus (Original Mix)
Michael A – Returnal (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
Michael Kortenhaus – Am Rand Der Stille (Ric Niels Remix)
Mike Isai – Chrysalis (Gmj & Matter Remix)
Minders – Timeless (Sean & Dee Remix)
Mononoid – Fate of Vision (Original Mix)
Moodfreak – Middle Class (Anakim Remix)
Morttagua – Arcturians (Original Mix)
Morttagua – Hypnos (Soul Button Remix)
Morttagua – The Mantra (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Remix)
Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Cristoph Extended Mix)
MUUI – Inco’gnita (Original Mix)
MUUI – Odyssey Shadows (Original Mix)
Noyers – Time Code (Ziger Remix)
Oleg Espo, Muline – Magic Land feat. Doomsayer (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Olivier Weiter – Avio (Original Mix)
Out of Mind – Another Day (Aaron Suiss & Kaliko Flow Remix)
Paul Thomas – 1989 (Ucros Extended Remix)
Rauschhaus, Haze-M, Zanjma – Mahadeva (Original Mix)
Rauschhaus, Robin Schellenberg – Osc (Original Mix)
Ric Niels – Kinton (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Rikken – DNA (Original Mix)
Ruben Karapetyan – Cry of Duduk (Ziger Remix)
Rudra – Sandeh (Original Mix)
Ruls – Unlearning (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
Santiago Celasso – Focus (Original Mix)
Second Sine – Tape Wreck (Original Mix)
Simon Doty, Drenched Hearts – You Dont Know (Simon Doty Remix)
Sonic Union, Forniva, Eleven Sins – Duplicate (Original Mix)
Soulmade (AR) – Perceptual (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev, Paul Thomas – Revelations (Fuenka Extended Mix)
Stereo Underground, SeaLine – Flashes (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix)
Steve Parry – Fenner (Bebetta Remix)
Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Hidden Stairs (Original Mix)
Subnode – Levels (Original Mix)
Tantum – Fixity (Original Mix)
Tash, Starkato – Identity (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
Teleport-X, Agust¡n Ficarra – New Beginnings (Original Mix)
Teleport-X, Hobin Rude – Ziggurat (Original Mix)
Tomi H – No Time (Tali Muss Remix)

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