Traxsource Hype Chart March (2021)

22 weeks – Take My Hand.mp3
8nine Muzique – Take Me.mp3
ABCDJ – If You Wanna Get Down.mp3
ABCO – Higher (Radio Edit).mp3
Alex Kenji – Indigo (Original Mix).mp3
Alex Logan – Don’t You (Peter Brown Remix).mp3
Alex Poet – Love Language (Mark Di Meo Club Mix).mp3
Ali Love – Ubiquity (The Magician Remix).mp3
Amine Edge & DANCE – Pop Smoke.mp3
Amorhouse – To Be Free (Extended Mix).mp3
AndThen – Feisty Latina.mp3
Andy Ash – Unconscious Therapy.mp3
Andy Bach – Funkhaus.mp3
Anna Nova – Other Side.mp3
Antonio Giacca – All the Things (Extended Mix).mp3
Argento Dust – Time.mp3
Arnau Obiols – Gent De Nit.mp3
Atjazz – See-Line Woman (Karizma’s Last 1ne Dub).mp3
Atmos Blaq – Indodana Ka Sfiso.mp3
Austins Groove – Come Back.mp3
Ayala (IT) – Africa Is Woke.mp3
Babert – Hey Baby.mp3
Band&dos – Bele Bele.mp3
Bass Toast – 3 Flutes.mp3
Black Loops – Mike The Dog.mp3
Block & Crown – How Long (Original Mix).mp3
Blvckr – All Night Long (Original Mix).mp3
Boon – All Eyes On Me (Original Radio Edit).mp3
Bosq – Mambue (feat. Justo Valdez & Evan Laflamme) (Jose Marquez Remix).mp3
Brandon Villa – After The Storm.mp3
Breeze and The Sun – Vamizi (MOS of the Moon Mix).mp3
Brian Power – Just Us (DJ Spen Radio Edit).mp3
Buried King – Marimba Social (Extended Mix).mp3
Caldera (UK) – Get Enough.mp3
Carlo – Mediterraneo.mp3
Carlostella – Again.mp3
Cesar d’ Julius – Naked Groove.mp3
Changin Fazes – Get Down.mp3
Chapter & Verse – Hustle.mp3
Chrissy – Clap Yr Hands.mp3
Christian Engh – Ctairs.mp3
Christos Fourkis – Black Rat.mp3
Coeo – I Can Never Be Yours (Hot Version).mp3
Cossham – The Search (Sean Mccabe & Boogie Cafe Dub).mp3
Cup & String – No Pressure.mp3
Da Hussla – Rhythm Getaway.mp3
Danmic’s – Take Me Up (Extended Mix).mp3
Danny Kane – Sweat.mp3
Dantiez – Get Yourself Together (Extended Mix).mp3
DAN_ROS – My Broken Heart (Extended Mix).mp3
DarQknight – Africa Unite (Remake Vocal Mix).mp3
Dateless – Ego Rap.mp3
Dav Risen – Nginxaniwe.mp3
David Morales – Want More.mp3
Dean Church – Da Rolla.mp3
Deborah Aime La Bagarre – Effort patriotique.mp3
Deetron – Dr. Melonball (Extended Mix).mp3
Deftone – Getaway Car.mp3
Dennis Ferrer – How Do I Let Go (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix).mp3
Dennis Ferrer – How Do I Let Go (Inaky Garcia Remix).mp3
Dennis Matser – Get Me High.mp3
Deophonik – High Profile (Extended Mix).mp3
Derek & DJLo – Growing Plants.mp3
Devstar – My Man.mp3
DFšZE – Propeller (Joyce Muniz Remix).mp3
Diamond Dealer – Sophiatown Tribute (Caiiro’s Dub Mix).mp3
Diamond Dealer – Sophiatown Tribute (Enoo Napa Dub).mp3
Diamond Dealer – Sophiatown Tribute.mp3
Din Jay – Dancing Heart (Original Mix).mp3
Diplo – Turn Back Time (KUU Remix).mp3
Diplo – Turn Back Time (Noizu Remix).mp3
DJ Burlak – Tu Amore (Re Rub Mix 2021).mp3
DJ Gomi – Freedom, Freedom.mp3
DJ Oliver – Told You (Radio Edit).mp3
DJ T. – Bedouin Ride (DJ T.’s An Arab Man In New York Remix).mp3
DJ ThreeJay – I Believe In You.mp3
DJ Tomer – Forever.mp3
DJ W!LD – Bibiz.mp3
Don Pascal – Time (A New Beginning House Mix).mp3
Doug Willis – The Mighty Douglas (Doug’s Godbizniss Mix).mp3
Drop Out Orchestra – Feel Great.mp3
Duck Sauce – Ask Me.mp3
Echo Deep – Do It Just For Me (Echo Deep Remix).mp3
Echo Deep – The Tunnel.mp3
Elias Kazais – Aftershock.mp3
Elias Kazais – So Wrong.mp3
Fabian Haneke – Get It Right.mp3
Farris – Jungle Struggle (Original Mix).mp3
Felipe Gordon – Now That You Caught My Heart For The Evening.mp3
Felipe Gordon – There’s A Part of Me That’s Always True.mp3
Felipe Gordon – Those Quiet Eyes of Yours.mp3
Fernando Mesa – Infinity (Edit).mp3
Fidde – Solsting.mp3
Filta Freqz – Hype N Dope.mp3
Fingerman – She’s A GF.mp3
Flashmob – Long Before (Extended Mix).mp3
Franck Roger – Everything Now.mp3
Frank Reynoux – Dirty Love.mp3
Frank Storm – Breathing On You.mp3
Fred Berthet – Ril.mp3
Fred Everything – Here (Now) (Prins Thomas Diskomiks).mp3
FreedomB – Coke & LFOs (Extended Mix).mp3
G. Markus – What Is Jazz_.mp3
Gavinco – Coalesce.mp3
Gene Tellem – Ain’t Got Everything.mp3
Georges – Pantoufle.mp3
Glen Horsborough – Going Strong (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Extended Remix).mp3
Goshawk – Can’t Get Enough.mp3
Ground16 – Image Eph‚mŠre.mp3
Harry Romero – It Hurts (Extended).mp3
Harry Wolfman – Upstream (2021 Version).mp3
Harvee – Get Together (Original Mix).mp3
Hatiras – Rhymes Against Humanity.mp3
Hebdonis – I See You Dancin.mp3
Hiva – Deep Snap (Original Mix).mp3
Homeboyz – Aslaf.mp3
Homero Espinosa – Step Into A Groove (Fizzikx Deep Jazz Dub).mp3
Homero Espinosa – Step Into A Groove (Forteba Remix).mp3
Hotmood – Take It Easy (Original Mix).mp3
House of Prayers – Around You (Extended Mix).mp3
Hugo Mari – Ain’t Got Time.mp3
IPSE DIXIT – When The Drum Goes Deep (Extended Mix).mp3
Iron Curtis, Johannes Albert – Nektar feat. Lisa Toh (Ed Davenport Dub).mp3
James Alexandr – Testify (In Your Body).mp3
James Deron – Le Bisou (Original Mix).mp3
James Haskell – Make You Feel (Extended Mix).mp3
Jank – Has gone.mp3
Jessica Mbangeni – Africa (Andreas Horvat Traditional Mix).mp3
Jimpster – Soul Spectral.mp3
Joba – The Rave.mp3
Joel Holmes – Pose.mp3
Joey Chicago – Beachclub.mp3
Jolyon Petch – Holding On (Random Soul Remix).mp3
Jon Hester – Contact.mp3
Jonk & Spook – The Flow (Samuele Sartini Remix).mp3
Jorge Mattos – Culture Swings.mp3
Joris Voorn – Polydub (Frank Maurel Remix).mp3
Juan Mejia – Atlas.mp3
Juan Mejia – Coco Frio.mp3
Juan Mejia – Sazon’ (Newman I Love Remix).mp3
Juannan – Make It Hot.mp3
K & K – Stop.mp3
Kavita – Goddess Deluxe (BB Boogie Original 12_ Vocal).mp3
Kenny Bizzarro – Rush.mp3
Kenny Brian – Afrogarota.mp3
Kenny Brian – Por Las Noches.mp3
Kepler – Contact.mp3
Kevin Knapp – Baby Don’t Stop.mp3
Kid Enigma – Easily Triggered (Geology Radio Edit).mp3
Kid Fonque – Heartbeat.mp3
Kid Fonque – Inertia.mp3
Kiko Navarro – The Captain Of Her Heart (Clemente Reinterpretation).mp3
Kimberly Brown – On My Knees (Yam Who_ Remix).mp3
Knight Warriors – Time Scratch.mp3
Kolombo – Remember (Sillaz Remix).mp3
KPD – Down To The Ding (Original Mix).mp3
Kraak & Smaak – Sweet Time (Yuksek Remix).mp3
Kristin Velvet – Rockin’.mp3
Kususa – Malizole.mp3
Lee Wilson – Remember to Love (Hatiras Remix).mp3
Leo Guardo – Makuthandwana (Unreleased Dub Mix).mp3
Leon Benesty – Feeling Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Lewis Boardman – Summertime.mp3
Life on Planets – Glowstick (Soul Clap Remix).mp3
Lomax (CH) – I Got Love (Booker T Radio Edit).mp3
Louie Fresco – Still Drippin’ feat. Hector Moralez (Hanfry Martinez Remix).mp3
Low Island – Feel Young Again (The Juan Maclean Remix).mp3
Luchi & Raizer – Beauty and Blood (Original Mix).mp3
Lui Danzi – A Fonte.mp3
Mannix – Do It Right Now (Mannix Extended Vocal Mix).mp3
MarBlu – Shade Of Blu.mp3
Marcellus (UK) – Twisted.mp3
Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – We Got It (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Whites – Satisfaction (21 Again Mix).mp3
Martin Georgi – Business Rework (Felipe Gordon Rework).mp3
Matt Caseli – Def Jam.mp3
Matteo Dentone – Feeling Groovy (Extended Mix).mp3
Mike Delick – Timpica.mp3
Mike Dunn – Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho’ Nuff) (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX).mp3
Mike Ivy – Unity.mp3
Mo’Cream – Get Out.mp3
MoBlack – Chagu (MoBlack Extended Version).mp3
Mona Vale – Maasai.mp3
Moscrop – LFJ (Kenny Summit NSFW 1994 Vox Version).mp3
Moshem – Honey (Extended Mix).mp3
Namy – Reset (Unreleased FNX Omar Dub).mp3
Nandu – Interference Inside.mp3
Native Tribe – Ancestor’s Calling (Enoo Napa Extended Rituals Mix).mp3
Native Tribe – Ancestor’s Calling (Saint Evo Extended Mix).mp3
Nelson – Keep One Heart (Live Bonus Track).mp3
Nico Balducci – Last Night (Extended Version).mp3
Niles Cooper – Florida Keys.mp3
Norty Cotto – Funky Music (N.C. Club Remix).mp3
Nuyorica – London Underground (Extended Mix).mp3
Oggie B – Bustin’ On (Original Mix).mp3
Oggie B – La Tormenta.mp3
Olga Alex – Holdin’ on (Love I Feel) (Saeed Younan Remix).mp3
Osotee – Whisper Sweet Secrets.mp3
Our Anthem – She Wants More (Extended Mix).mp3
OverThinking – Body Talk.mp3
Paulo Labello – Make It Hot (Greg Gauthier Radio Edit).mp3
PD – How Good it is Original Mix.mp3
PEZNT – I Like You.mp3
Phil Fuldner – Colors (Extended Mix).mp3
Piero Scratch – Around (Extended Mix).mp3
Piero Scratch – Firewall (Extended Mix).mp3
Pinto (NYC) – Jazz & Jack (Extended Mix).mp3
Platinum City – Holy Spirit.mp3
Priku – Cleo.mp3
Qubiko – The Mazzo (Extended Mix).mp3
Quintin Copper – Paradise (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix).mp3
Rafael Yapudjian – Now Is Tomorrow.mp3
Ranbe – Dance Machine.mp3
Raphael Ngove – Amor.mp3
Reel People – In The Sun (Yoruba Soul Remix) (2021 Remastered Version).mp3
Reel People – Second Guess (Blaze Shrine Vocal Mix) (2021 Remastered Version).mp3
Reel People – The Light (Copyright Classic Mix).mp3
Rheinzand – Blind (Gerd Janson Dance Remix).mp3
Riccardo Barbaro – No Baby.mp3
Rio Soldierman – Love Stimulator.mp3
Ritmos – Groove Room (Radio Edit).mp3
Ritz – Make It Or Break It.mp3
Riva Starr – Ride This Sound.mp3
Roby Arduini – Joy and Pain (feat. Barry Stewart & Ivonne Shelton) (Emmaculate Remix).mp3
Roog – Joy and Pain.mp3
Ros T – Get Me Through.mp3
Rosario Galati – Let Go.mp3
Roundtree – Get On Up (Get On Down) (Moplen Remix).mp3
SACRED H3ART – Soul 2 Souls.mp3
Saint Evo – Nebo.mp3
Saison – Want You (Clive’s Analog Audit Remix).mp3
Saliva Commandos – La Esquina (Radio Edit).mp3
Saliva Commandos – Mainspice.mp3
Sam Holland – Love Control (TR559).mp3
Sammy Deuce – Body High (Original Mix).mp3
San Sol – Oonga.mp3
Scruscru – Maneki-Neko.mp3
Scruscru – Who Has The Jazz_.mp3
Sean Biddle – More Than Meets the Eye.mp3
Seb Skalski – Believer (Original Mix).mp3
Sebastian Ledher – Inside (Original Mix).mp3
Sebastian Rivero – Felicidade.mp3
Sebb Junior – Throw the Dice (Angelo Ferreri Remix).mp3
Seth Troxler – Play In The Dark (Steam Mix).mp3
Sidney Charles – Palermo (Original Mix).mp3
Siedah Garrett – Do You Want It Right Now (Dr Packer’s Back to the 90’s Mix).mp3
Simon Doty – In Your Feelings.mp3
Simon Hinter – Am I Losing You.mp3
Simon Hinter – Choose (Original Mix).mp3
Snowk – I’m Lost (Crackazat Dub).mp3
Soledrifter – Shorty (Main Mix).mp3
Soledrifter – Without a Clue.mp3
Solune – Feathered Blaze.mp3
Sonar – Avenue Of Broken Dreams.mp3
Sonny Beau – The Spell.mp3
Soulfuledge – Can’t Wait.mp3
Sound Support, Lorenz Rhode – Clavi On The Rocks (Original Mix).mp3
Sound Support, Lorenz Rhode – Super Elevation (Original Mix).mp3
Sound Support, Lorenz Rhode – Thesaurus Rex (Original Mix).mp3
Spencer Parker – Theme.mp3
Sr. Saco – Ecologia Latina.mp3
Steve Lawler – Silk Roads.mp3
Steven Stone – Praise The… (Radio Mix).mp3
Substance – Gannets (Gerd Janson Remix).mp3
Sue Avenue – Britsom.mp3
Suffocate SA – Come Again (Original Mix).mp3
Supernova – Lovely Summer Dreams (Extended Mix).mp3
Swati Tribe – Love Hate Stories (Original Mix).mp3
Ten City – Devotion (Marshall Jefferson Remix).mp3
The Deepshakerz – Burning (KC Lights Remix).mp3
The Fog – Been a Long Time (Full Intention 2021 Remix Edit).mp3
The Mekanism – LouLou.mp3
The Reese Project – Direct Me (Joey Negro Mix).mp3
Thornetta Davis – Set Me Free (Sophie Lloyd Remix).mp3
Till Von Sein – Love T.K.O (Original Mix).mp3
Tilman – Say Good Bye.mp3
Tim Engelhardt – Attached (Rodriguez Jr. Remix).mp3
Tim Green – Mongolian Warrior.mp3
Tim Light – The Heat (Hutcher Remix).mp3
Timmy P – Pom Cruise.mp3
Timmy Regisford – Dede (Groove Mix).mp3
Timmy Regisford – Hooked Up.mp3
Timmy Regisford – Inside The Shelter.mp3
Timmy Regisford – Sifunawena (feat. Tabia).mp3
Timmy Regisford – Smooth Track.mp3
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (Gregor Salto & Ibitaly Edit).mp3
Todd Terry – I Was Dancing (Extended Mix).mp3
Todd Terry – The Sweet (Extended Remix).mp3
Tom Junior – I Love You (Radio Edit).mp3
Tommy Heron – On and On (Original Mix).mp3
Tommy Marcus – Desires (David Morales NYC Mix).mp3
Trans-X – Living on Video (Claptone Remix).mp3
Travis Emmons – Grapevine.mp3
Two Lee – Single Malt Scotch Funk (Extended Mix).mp3
Two Tone Productions – Save My Love (Vocal Mix).mp3
UC Beatz – Bongos, Rhodes & Candles (Original Mix).mp3
Victor M – Bailalo y Gozalo.mp3
Victor Mendoza – Salty Noodles (Nacho Marco Sweet Remix).mp3
Vigi – Watergate.mp3
Villes Wax – Winter Strings.mp3
Vincent Caira – Better off Alone.mp3
Walid Martinez – Wema.mp3
White-Label Will – Bennie from the bronx (Original Mix).mp3
Yamil – Gaia (Radio Edit).mp3
Yass – (I Know) I’m Losing You (Extended Mix).mp3
Yvvan Back – Don’t Wake Me Up (Original Mix).mp3

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