Remix Pack [15-November-2021]

Big Room
Afishal And Sonic Snares – Tribe (Original Mix)
Aftersoulz And J4cko – Work It Out (Extended Mix)
Alike – People (Original Mix)
Andry Fokker – Wobble (Original Mix)
B3NNE ft Katty Mcgrew – Target Practice (Original Mix)
Bonmot – All Over The World (Dub Mix)
Booty Beats – Haughty Face (Original Mix)
CHRNS And Vil And PRYVT RYN – Fluorescent (Festival Mix)
Codex (SE) And Mike Miami – Void (Original Mix)
DeadMaze – Wrecked (Original Mix)
Deeper Funk – Soul (Denis Goldin Remix)
Dirty Disco ft Jeanie Tracy – True Colors (Dirty Disco Rainbow Remix)
Divison And Arson – Rustle (Original Mix)
DJ Baby Eva – Freedom (Radio Mix)
Eclypsia – Rock Muzik (Original Mix)
Edward W11 – Classic Storm (Original Mix)
Eidly – Opium (Original Mix)
F-Beats – Take Moment (Original Mix)
Falcos Deejay – Above Your Mind (Morrello Remix)
Fordex – No Quiero Agua (Original Mix)
Freaky Noize And DJ Mario Moreno – Osiris (Extended Mix)
Hector Fonseca And David Hernandez – Beautiful (Saberz Remix)
HoRuzz – Weekend (Original Mix)
House Anatomy – Darkside (Original Mix)
I.W.O And Noizbasses – Rich (Original Mix)
IMVD – Not (Original Mix)
JuanMa Baena – My Way (Original Mix)
JuanMa Baena ft Bea Schulenberg – Ride Our Love (Radio Edit)
Kazz And Eddie Mordero – The Pearl (Original Mix)
LNytho – Crazy (Original Mix)
Lucca Enzo – Drive (Original Mix)
Madadrive – Dunkerque (Original Mix)
Marco Farouk – Rising (Mikas Remix)
Max Roven – Renaissance I (Extended Mix)
Mor Avrahami ft Nalaya And Maya Karunna – Power Love (Jose Spinnin Cortes Subwoofer Club Mix)
Morrello – One Path (Original Mix)
MRVX – Pitch Down (Original Mix)
MTave – Take Me Down (Original Mix)
NEXBOY And KJ – Break The Rules (Original Mix)
No Saints And Stein – Crank It (First Gift Remix)
Om Daddy – My Skin Feels Electric (Jerome Zambino Remix)
RALPH – This Is Funky (Original Mix)
Real System And Edyta Kaminska – Troppo Cuore (Andyrave Vocal Mix)
Rymor ft Lux – Misery (Original Mix)
Sash S – All Of My Love (Original Mix)
Slink13 – Berserker (Extended Mix)
Supamono – Fenn A Kez! (Video Version)
Tim Tailor – Last Summer (Original Mix)
VIIWE – Vdgs (Original Mix)
Wild Noise – Revolt (Original Mix)

Funky House
Alexander Zabbi – Esto Es Pa Bailar (Original Mix)
Blacklight – Baby Got The Funk (Original Mix)
Bubblegum Pop – Fall Apart (Original Mix)
Cheyne Christian ft Chef Ron And The Latina – Trago (Kratehead Savage Disco Mix)
DJ NiPPER – Don’t Want To Be Lonely (Vocal Mix)
DJ Socca – Feel The Beat (Original Mix)
Dr House – Dont Fuck Me Tony (Original Mix)
Eires – Pantheonic (Original Mix)
Ferdee – Say Yes (R-Ty Remix)
Frankie Fandango – Warm Weather (Factor 20 Rework)
Frog – Samba (Original Mix)
Grotesque – Strange Things Are Happening (Original Mix)
Gussy (OG) – Dance Party (Original Mix)
Jassie – Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (2020 Rework)
La Riff – The Legend (Original Mix)
Ltg Long Travel Groove – Iiphunk (Original Mix)
Massivedrum – Bassdrive (Original Mix)
Oded Nir – App Time (The Remixes) (Original Mix)
Paolo Bardelli And Alan Junior – No Problem (Original Mix)
Sexgadget And Christian Desnoyers – Swing (Radio Edit)
The Boatpeople – The Shit (Original Mix)
Toby O’Connor – G Funk (Original Mix)
Tony Madrid – Into You (Original Mix)
Tony Soprano – Love Does (2020 Rework)
Tzesar – All For You (Original Mix)

Hands Up
2Sonic Feat. Destiny – Straight To the Light (Massmann Radio Cut)
Aleeze – Cuts Like Ice (Tribune Remix Edit)
Alex Kea feat. Destiny – Going Insane (Clubbticket Radio Edit)
Bad Drums – Future (Radio Mix)
Bad Drums – I’m Feeling Sad (Radio Mix)
Bad Drums – R U Ready (Radio Mix)
Chant Le Grand feat. Romy – Party Once Again (Radio Edit)
Crystal Rock – How You Love Me Now (Phillerz Remix Edit)
Cueboy Vs. Club Rockerz – What the Fuck Is Jumpstyle (Club Rockerz Radio Cut)
D3cay & R3lay – I’m Free (NeoTune! Remix Edit)
Dee Dee feat. Ray & Snyder – I Want You Back (Breakdawner Radio Edit)
DJ Fait – Go Your Own Way (Mix Edit)
DJ Fait – Here I Am (Mix Edit)
DJ Fait – Where Do You Belong (Club Edit)
DJ Noby – Dance (Chris Bates vs. Stephan Age Radio Cut)
DJ THT feat. Auzern – Junglist (Radio Edit)
DJ THT feat. Auzern – Open Up the Dancefloor (CJ MKH Radio Edit)
Don R. & 2Sonic – Front Attack (Radio Cut)
Een Stemming & Some Tunes – O.K.A.Y. (Radio Mix)
Een Stemming feat. Bad Drums – Goes Like This (Radio Mix)
Een Stemming feat. Bad Drums – One More Time (Radio Mix)
Flexxa – Let There Be Light (D-Tune Radio Cut)
Gabrielle Anderson – Later (Mainfield Remix Edit)
HalfStyle – Crank It (Radio Mix)
Hard Gin – In Silence (Radio Edit)
Hard Gin – Wish You Were Here (Radio Edit)
Inverno – Seconds to Paradise (Radio Mix)
IQ-Talo & Miss LaLuna – Sweet Little Lies (Alexkea feat. Raindropz! Remix Edit)
JeSe – Shout It Out Loud (Tosh & Ventura Remix Edit)
John Taylor feat. Julia Falke – Laugh Last (John Taylor vs. Kent Base Remix Edit)
Marco Van Bassken – If You Leave (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
Michael Night & Danny Keegan – Let the Music Do the Job (NeoTune! Edit)
Naya Marie – Can You Hear My Voice (Radio Mix)
Raaban & Evana – Nightwalkers (DJ THT Radio Edit)
Royal XTC feat. Molti – Hello (Alexkea feat. Raindropz! Remix Edit)
Some Tunes – Echo (Radio Mix)
Some Tunes – Rockin (Radio Mix)
South Blast! feat. Paula P’Cay – Boys & Girls (Hardbase Deejay Team Remix Edit)
Spring Emotions & Seaside Clubbers – Egoist (Topmodelz Edit)
Stee Wee Bee feat. Snyder & Ray – Leaving (Cc.K meets Blunatix Remix)
Stuff & Floor – She (Franky B. Radio Edit)
Sunbase Inc. – Next to You (Radio Cut)
Tasha – Black Due (Alexkea! Remix Edit)
TiWei – Dirty Slut (M&Ace Radio Mix)
Toby Stuff & Dany C. – Only One (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)
Toby Stuff & Topmodelz – Hold On To the Vision (Topmodelz Edit)
Tosh & Ventura – I Feel I Like to Jump (Radio Edit)
Tronix DJ feat. Gemma B. – Someday (Radio Edit)
UK Maniax – I’m a Raver (Radio Edit)
United Dance Allstars – Help 4 Japan (Raindropz! Remix Edit)

Adri Pacheco – Rumble (Original Mix)
Aemilian – Tornado (Jerk And Bastard Remix)
Agustin Massini – Her Shade (Original Mix)
AL-Faris And Superfinger ft Genius Jane – Shout (Tom And Dexx Remix)
Alderan – Got To Be Free (Instrumental Mix)
ALPHACAST – Never Let You Down (Original Mix)
Brock Edwards – Wanna Be Dub’d (ABYSS Rework)
Brockman And Basti M – Everywhere We Go (Isek And Blaikz Remix)
CALEIDESCOPE ft Gxldjunge – Enjoy The Silence (Bodybangers Remix)
Calmani And Grey ft Chad Clemens – To The Moon And Back (Timbo Remix)
CEV’s – Higher Deeper
Code3000 – Juno (Original Mix)
Coflo – Lux (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
Crystal Waters And Fred Pellichero – Say Yeah (Original Radio Edit)
D FF – Need 2 Know (Original Mix)
Danny Dearden – Can’t Stop Me Now (Lackmus Remix)
Dansir – See You (Original Mix)
Dario K. – Triangularity (Original Mix)
Denace 2 Society And Cris Ruiz – La Xanga (Original Mix)
DIE BOYS – Akkurat (Original Mix)
DJ Tonka – She Knows You (Calippo And DJ Tonka Radio Mix)
Evotia – Don’t You Need Me (Radio Edit)
FDF (Italy) – Your Everything
Fedde Le Grand And Holl And Rush – Feel Good (Radio Edit)
Finiq – Big Boss (Slashed Zero Remix)
Flexxus – Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Flip Capella And Otray And Vinze ft Ashley Jana – Going Crazy (Akela Remix)
Fran Garay – Fall in Melody (Original Mix)
Gabo Martin – Only You (Original Mix)
George Alhabel – 6 27 (Original Mix)
Gino Love – Darling You
Glen Horsborough Ida fLO – Switched On (Michael Gray Remix)
Groove Killah Alfanii – Sassy
Hazzaro – Night Calling
Henry Navarro – Night Shift
Herald – Party Time
HouseVerstand – Fire! (Original Mix)
Hugo Villanova – Stopec
iMarcus – Back To The Slacker (DJ AX Remix)
J-Fader – Soul Control
Jack Rush – 925 (Original Mix)
James Grearson – After Hours
Jo Paciello – Balearica
Konte – There’s Still More (Original Mix)
Laserkraft 3D – Jumpin’ (Phil Fuldner Remix)
Leandro Murua – Ancestry (Original Mix)
Leap Seconds – Around Us (Original Mix)
Leon Brooks – Insecure (Original Mix)
Loz J Yates – This Way (Let The Needle Skip) (Kode Breakerz Remix)
Lush Djs – Just Because
MAMA – Not Enough (David K. Remix)
Marc (AR) – Bells and Sounds (Original Mix)
Mogi Wa Wa – Flat Justice
Nannini – Capybara (Original Mix)
Pad Beryll E-Man – Beat Of The Drum
Patricio Mucchielli – To a Dear Friend (Original Mix)
Poli Siufi – Nausicaa (Original Mix)
Rod Notario – Main Hawk (Original Mix)
SALAZAR (COL) – Laniakea (Original Mix)
Sam Collins And Salkin – Ain’t Gonna Talk (Original Mix)
Sanzy – Westmoreland (Original Mix)
Sean Jay Dee – Memories (Arty Violin Remix)
Sebastien Emes – How I Feel (Extended Mix)
Shapov – Disco Tufli (Radio Edit)
Silverfox – Another Victim
Sleg – Lost Cities of the Deep (Original Mix)
SOLON – Ready For The Night (Original Mix)
STEEL And Crystal Rock ft Heleen – Another World (Original Mix)
T.M.O – Feeling (Festival Mix)
Teddy Cream – Home (Rokston And Leon Brooks Remix)
Temry And Vescu ft Joey Busse – Just Dance (Original Mix)
Thales Senses – Elemento (Original Mix)
Tim Bourne – Prana (Original Mix)
Tony Fuel – Fire Burnin’ (Sasha Virus Remix)
Zulker(AR) & Frlock – Yeah Son (Original Mix)

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