Remix Pack [06-October-2021]

Afro House
Maris – 4 Caladas [Suprematic]
Maris – Suburense [Suprematic]
Xinobi – Nitrato [Frau Blau]

Deep House
Basic Shapes – Keep Growing [Stammtisch]
Gorge, Oliver Schories – Oyama [Knee Deep In Sound]
Najwars – Grey Zone [Stammtisch]
Richard Ulh – Can’t Enough [Too Many Rules]
Transitive Feelings – Fully Functional [Stammtisch]

Hard Techno
Again – SbS [Dolma Red]
Backdoor Pussy Lover & Archer – Serial Killer [Dolma Red]
Klausgreen – 666 [Dolma Red]
Lucas Wirth – Warzone [Dolma Red]
Marqez – Continuous [Dolma Red]
MOT3K – Donker [Dolma Red]
Ochs & Klick – Demolition [Dolma Red]
Retail – Everytime We Rock [Dolma Red]
Snipe X – Fire (N.O.B.A Remix) [Ithica Records]
Tim Wermacht – Welche Straáe [Dolma Red]
Torsten Kanzler – Raven (Cristian Glitch Remix) [Dolma Red]

Richard Ulh, Marcos Vloet – Girl You Set My Fly [Too Many Rules]
Vlada Asanin – BossaNoga (Jerome Robins Remix) [45ke]

Indie Dance
Xinobi – Morangos (Panthera Krause Remix) [Frau Blau]

Melodic House & Techno
Damien Spencer – Head Space [Resonate Together]
Haffenfold – Endless Dreams [Inner Symphony]
Haffenfold – Walking On Glass [Inner Symphony]
Massano – Energy (Raphael Mader Remix) [Oddity Records]
Massano – Energy [Oddity Records]
Massano – In Your Eyes [Oddity Records]
Massano – Tangible [Oddity Records]
Massano – Wrong With Me [Oddity Records]
Mind the Gaap – Sen [Future Avenue]
Mind the Gaap – Sublime [Future Avenue]
Ruben Schwarz – Walpurgis [MUKKE]
Sailor & I – Thinking About You (Radio Slave feat. Thomas Gandey Remix) [METAPHYSICAL]
Sailor & I – Thinking About You (Thomas Gandey Remix) [METAPHYSICAL]
Sebas Ramos – Yan Yan (Charle Sonner Remix) [Estribo Records]
Sebas Ramos – Yan Yan (Defiet Remix) [Estribo Records]
Sebas Ramos – Yan Yan (NeKKoN’s Vibe Remix) [Estribo Records]
Sebas Ramos – Yan Yan (Nic-O Remix) [Estribo Records]
Sebas Ramos – Yan Yan [Estribo Records]
SHMN – Bird of Dust [BeatFreak Recordings]
SHMN – Hideout [BeatFreak Recordings]
SHMN – Serpentine Feat. Teologen (Voices Of Valley Remix) [BeatFreak Recordings]
SHMN – Serpentine Feat. Teologen [BeatFreak Recordings]
Vincenzo Sarti – Achantus [Awen Tales]
Vincenzo Sarti – Agor… [Awen Tales]
Xinobi – Morangos (Acid Pauli Remix) [Frau Blau]
Xinobi – Morangos [Frau Blau]

Minimal & Deep Tech
Corners – Never Say Never [KOLE Records]
Corners – You Don’t Mind (Jey Kurmis Remix) [KOLE Records]
Corners – You Don’t Mind [KOLE Records]
D.Noriega – Me Gustas (Seba Machado Remix) [Manicomio Music]
D.Noriega – Me Gustas [Manicomio Music]
Leviem – The Inner Voice [mINT]
Leviem – Today, Tomorrow _ Beyond [mINT]
Wires Everywhere – Cube [Intrudeep]
Wires Everywhere – Deep Lines [Intrudeep]
Wires Everywhere – Easyio [Intrudeep]
Wires Everywhere – Enya [Intrudeep]

Organic House & Downtempo
Dominik Petzold – 1843_ Analytical Engine (Feinheitsbrei Remix) [Amselcom]
Dominik Petzold – 1843_ Analytical Engine [Amselcom]
East Cafe – Enter the Woods [Superordinate Music]
Konte – Andromeda [Future Avenue]
Mariner + Domingo, Chris Domingo, Mariner – How Am I Supposed to Feel [Sound Avenue]
Mariner + Domingo, Chris Domingo, Mariner – I Still Remember [Sound Avenue]
Mariner + Domingo, Chris Domingo, Mariner – Inertia [Sound Avenue]
Maris – Vallpineda [Suprematic]
Marley Hughes – Serenade [3rd Avenue]
Marley Hughes – Trippin’ on Skies [3rd Avenue]
Mika El, Zulum – Paradigma [Sofa Beats]
Mika El, Zulum – Wandering [Sofa Beats]
Missfeat – Proxima [Bekool Records]
Missfeat – River of Notes [Bekool Records]
Missfeat – Summer Love [Bekool Records]
RoRo – Don’t Make Me Think [Amselcom]
RossAlto – Me & You [Future Avenue]
Thirteenth – Nebo [7 Armies Music]
Vahag – Invisible [ThreeRecords]
Vahag – Perfect Touches [ThreeRecords]
Vahag – Shining [ThreeRecords]

Progressive House
Basement Scene – Conundrum [Future Avenue]
Damien Spencer – Parallel Worlds [Resonate Together]
Doktor Hyde – Tryptophan [3rd Avenue]
Doktor Hyde – Two Paths [3rd Avenue]
Dormidontov, FISBO – Gated Birds [Future Avenue]
Downpour – Morning Sun [Future Avenue]
East Cafe – A Grain of Sand [Superordinate Music]
East Cafe – Being Kind Is Overrated [Superordinate Music]
East Cafe – The Inverted Pyramid [Superordinate Music]
East Cafe – Without Legacy [Superordinate Music]
Edvard Hunger – Give Me This Moments [Mystic Carousel Records]
Edvard Hunger – I Wanna Try [Mystic Carousel Records]
Facundo Blonsky – Radioactive Man [Future Avenue]
Figueras – Bioluminescense [3rd Avenue]
Figueras – Genesis [3rd Avenue]
James Halon – Turns [Future Avenue]
Konte – Sonata [Future Avenue]
Konte – Startrip [Future Avenue]
Lucho Barrios (AR) – Bashira [Future Avenue]
Marco Cetos – Circles (feat. Barbie Mak) [Future Avenue]
Mattlows – Chosen [Future Avenue]
Monuloku – Distance Eyes [Future Avenue]
Nakul C – State of Being [Future Avenue]
Nic Rinaldi – Utopia [Future Avenue]
Pedro Spinozzi – Inside [KP Recordings]
Ricardo Piedra – Plankton (East Cafe Rmx) [Superordinate Music]
Robert R. Hardy – Chasing Pleasure (East Cafe Rmx) [Superordinate Music]
Sole Llorente, Noelinar – Spiral Myths [Railroad Recordings]

Tech House
Angel Heredia – Error [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – Give Me Cigar [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – Stop the Beat [Happy Techno Music]
Angel Heredia – You Speak Spanish [Happy Techno Music]
Cavalca – Pleasure [We Are Klexos]
Clique Rouge – Wave Particle [Stammtisch]
DAMNC – Hip Hop [We Are Klexos]
DJ Gandhi – Re-Present [We Are Klexos]
Grammelot – Underlying Theme [Stammtisch]
Level Groove – OFF [Transmit Recordings]
LoudWarp – Groove Till [We Are Klexos]
Nickotik, Rami – Close Ur Eyes [Habitat]
Nickotik, Rami – Grooverito [Habitat]
Raumlehre – Panopticon [Stammtisch]
Ricardo Motta – Hey Boy [We Are Klexos]
Roland De Saint – Get to the Point [Stammtisch]
Samuele Scelfo – I Wanna Love You (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Schuerfes – Shock Diamonds [Stammtisch]
Sixteenth Pulse – Twanging [Stammtisch]
Sphinkter – Artifacts [Stammtisch]
Sven Tasnadi – Cuckoo [Moon Harbour Recordings]
The Oxy Generator – Solid State [Stammtisch]
Walter Kurtz – Cell Measures [Stammtisch]

Techno (Peak Time Driving)
Hans Bouffmyhre – Perpetual [Suara]
HLGRMS – Never Sleep [Reload Black Label]
HLGRMS – Pale Sky [Reload Black Label]
Kick Bong – Strange Days (Vosne Remix) [Cosmicleaf Records]
Krista Mitsopoulou – Bigger Purpose [Frequenza]
Level Groove – Repitch [Transmit Recordings]
M. Smith, Thomas Janovitz – Assid [Autektone Records]
M. Smith, Thomas Janovitz – Maori [Autektone Records]

Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)
Do Indian – Empathy Expander [DHARMA BEATS]
Do Indian – Internet Drama [DHARMA BEATS]
Do Indian – Our Skin [DHARMA BEATS]
Do Indian – Psycho [DHARMA BEATS]
Fresko – Hypochondria [DEAD CERT. Records]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Narcosis [Suara]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Possession Lost [Suara]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Stain Remover [Suara]
Krenzlin – Just No Reasons [Warg Records]
Krenzlin – The Fifth Day [Warg Records]
Krenzlin – Transpose Reaction [Warg Records]
Krista Mitsopoulou – Vicious Circle [Frequenza]
Pyramidal Decode – Axes [DEAD CERT. Records]
Saurio – Algerian [DEAD CERT. Records]
Sejon – Gear [DEAD CERT. Records]
Snipe X – Fire (Snipe X Remix) [Ithica Records]
Snipe X – Fire [Ithica Records]

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