Hot DJ Charts [15-September-2021]

8Kays, Lazarusman – Respect Me (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
Afrojack & David Guetta – Hero (Black V Neck Club Mix)
Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
Alex Macris – Signal (Original Mix)
Alok & Vintage Culture feat. Oxia – Domino (Extended Mix)
Alter (UA), Antai, Boosin feat. ODYSSAY – Nevermind (Indifferent Guy Remix)
Amanic – U Can’t Make Me Happy (Amanic’s 4TheFloor Remix)
Andre Gazolla, Antonio Farhy – Psycho Shades (Original Mix)
Andre Rizo – Breathin (Original Mix)
Antonio Farhy – I Am Alien
ARTY – One Night Away (Arno Cost & Norman Doray Extended Remix)
Ashibah – My Eyes Only (Extended Mix)
Blufeld – Flashback (Original Mix)
Boris Brejcha – Pegasus (Original Mix)
Cabaret Nocturne, Eleonora – Afterlife (Original Mix)
Calvin Harris, Tom Grennan – By Your Side (Dom Dolla Remix)
Camarda & Whispers – Talkin’ About (Extended Mix)
Chaney SHELLS – To The Rhythm Extended Mix
Che Jose – Take Me There (Extended Mix)
Cid Inc., Dmitry Molosh – Impending Storm (Original Mix)
D.Noriega – Rainbow (Original Mix)
Da Le (Havana) – Oggun’s Path (Original Mix)
David Tort & Markem – Cosmos (Extended Mix)
Deecross – Extravaganza (Extended Mix)
Definition, Natascha Polk‚ – Trojan Love (Original Club Mix)
Dele Sosimi, The Mabon Dawud Republic Na Lie (Armonica Remix)
Denis Rublev, DJ Anton – Back Down
Deniz Kabu, Audionoble – Oblivion (Extended Mix)
Deniz Kabu, Dramaphone, Sera Savas – Falling Out (Extended Mix)
Diass – The Imaginarium (Original Mix)
Dim Kelly feat. Lou Zweegers – Private Space (Original Mix)
Diploid – Way Too Long (Reboq Remix)
Dua Lipa – Love Again (Country Club Martini Crew Extended Remix)
Ed Saez – That’s Too (Original Mix)
Elegant Hands, Calego – Arabiah (Original Mix)
Elias Kazais, ADDFX – Don’t Look At Me (Original Mix)
Eran Hersh feat. Katie DiCicco – Hear Me Calling (Extended Mix)
Evgeniy Nuzhnov – Movement (Original Mix)
Frankie M & Luke Hunter – Distant Ocean (Original Mix)
Gianmarco Limenta – Back Again (Original Mix)
HNTR feat. Tribe Alexander – Searching for Self (Original Mix)
Husa & Zeyada – Trick of Mind (Oliver Schories Remix)
Jake Tarry – Hot Tonight (Extended Mix)
Joe Stone x Camden Cox – Mind Control (Azello Extended Mix)
Judith Ahrends – There (Umami and Headwaters Remix)
Kate Ozz – Calling For The Moon (Glowal Remix)
Kommodo – Choices (Original Mix)
Laurent Simeca, Crazibiza – Ain’t No Sunshine (Nari Extended Mix)
Lyrik Shoxen – Stay With Me (Philipp Straub Remix)
Makito – Get Into The Groove (Original Mix)
Marc DePulse – Down To Earth (Original Mix)
Marshall Jefferson – Lock The Doors (CASSIMM Remix)
Mickey Dastinz, Delum – Botsuana (Original Mix)
Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez – Fallin’ (Original Mix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe – Close My Eyes (Hollt Remix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe – Close My Eyes (Illusory Remix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe – Close My Eyes (Modeplex Remix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe – Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
Miqro – Song For Alice (Extended Mix)
Miss Monique – Loona (Extended Mix)
Moodayz, Areeas – Azalea (Original Mix)
No Hopes & Pushkarev – SLEEP (Original Mix)
Notre Dame – Timeless (Original Mix)
Paralel – Rose Of Jericho (Remcord Remix)
Passenger 10 – Mandela (Extended Mix)
PAX – Cosmic Kiss (Gorgon City Remix)
Philipp Kempnich – Mangata (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato – Vibrate feat. Sealine (Original Mix)
Rafo – Pandemic (Original Mix)
Rafo – Push On (Original Mix)
Roger Da’Silva – Drop That Beat (Extended Mix)
S.ONE – Constellation (Original Mix)
S.ONE – To Be Alive feat. Kieran Fowkes (Original Mix)
S.ONE – Xenogenesis (Original Mix)
Salvatore Ganacci – Fight Dirty (What If We Used 100% Of Our Brain) [Extended Mix]
Sebastien Leger – Son of Sun (Original Mix)
Space Food – Tandora (Original Mix)
SparroX – All Falls Down (Noidor Remix)
Squeeze DJ, Vito Raisi – Se Devegar (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev – Merkaba (Original Mix)
Super Flu, Angelov – Diva Halle (Original Mix)
Tayllor – Magenta (Original Mix)
Tinlicker – Hypnotised (Extended Mix)
Todd Edwards – The Chant (Sammy Porter Extended Remix)
Tom & Collins, Cato Anaya – Brisas Del Mar (Extended Mix)
Tommy Trash x Kiesza – Tectonic (Extended Mix)
Two Are, High On Mars – Space Time (Da Fresh Remix)
Two Are, High On Mars – Space Time (Original Mix)
Vlad Yaki – Always Knowing
Vlad Yaki – Tensor (Mattia Pompeo Remix)
Weekend Heroes – Departed
Weekend Heroes – Late Bloomers
Yer Man – Attraction (Original Mix)

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