Hot DJ Charts [03-April-2021]

14849072_You Beside Me (Malone & Monoky Remix)(Extended Mix).mp3 14958919_Unique feat. Kim Cooper(Mind Electric Remix).mp3
Aaryon, Haptic, Monastetiq – Tesseract (Original Mix).mp3
Aaryon, MOii – Signs (Original Mix).mp3
Alar & Katie Pride feat. Zanjma – Sator (Original Mix).mp3
Alexander Miguel – Rodina (Original Mix).mp3
Andre Winter – Tripppin (Maksim Dark Remix).mp3
Andre Winter – Tripppin (Original Mix).mp3
Arel & Schaefer – Xaman (Dan Buri Extended Remix).mp3
BARUX – You Got My Body (Extended Mix).mp3
Bexxie Feat. Ryan Konline – Meant To Be (Original Mix).mp3
Binaryh – Turn the Tide (Original Mix).mp3
Black Caviar, Rion S – Money Money.mp3
Blvckr, Levi Smith – All Night Long (Original Mix).mp3
Brokenears – C’mon.mp3
Bross – Troubadour (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Remix).mp3
Cadillac Express & Evgeniy Nuzhnov – Dark Means Disco (Original Mix).mp3
Cadillac Express & Evgeniy Nuzhnov – Ritual (Original Mix).mp3
Chelina Manuhutu – Takes a Little Something.mp3
Darksidevinyl feat. Ayah Tlhanyane – Inyembezi (Original Mix).mp3
David Cueto (ES) – Lady Party (Original Mix).mp3
Del-30 x DJ Rae – Feel Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Dele Sosimi, DJ Qness – L’owe L’owe (Monkey Safari’s Groove Mix).mp3
Dimel De Silva – Soul of Balance (Vitaly Shturm Remix).mp3
Disalazar – Waves (K Loveski Remix).mp3
Dissolut – Inner Thoughts (Original Mix).mp3
Double B – I Like It (The Cube Guys Disco Mix).mp3
Double Touch – El Choclo (Original Mix).mp3
Ena‹, Atticc – Cercle.mp3
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (AMAD Edit).mp3
Fatum – Symphotek (Extended Club Mix).mp3
Fleurie – Hurts Like Hell (Mass Digital Remix).mp3
Four Hands (GER) – Everlasting World (Massano Remix) [Harabe].mp3
Francis Mercier & Magic System – Premier Gaou (Extended Mix).mp3
Gero Ojeda – Milkeight (Extended Mix).mp3
Gogol – Volume (Extended Mix).mp3
Gorge – Onisha (Club Mix).mp3
Gorge – Onisha (Original Mix).mp3
Gorge, Midnight Workouts – Holdin’ On (Extended Mix).mp3
Harley Sanders & Rion S – Awakenings (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Remix).mp3
Hector Cardenas – Passion (Original Mix).mp3
Hola! – Keep This Fire Burning (Nancie Extended Remix).mp3
Inaya Day & Rio Dela Duna – All About Us (Diola House Extended Remix).mp3
J Matin – Electric (Original Mix).mp3
Jackarta & Into The Ether feat. Lewyn – Alone (Original Mix).mp3
Jaffer – Hail of Way (Original Mix).mp3
Jay Robinson Feat. Charlotte Haining – Heartbeat (Extended Mix).mp3
John Summit – Beauty Sleep (Vintage Culture Remix).mp3
Jona Fosh – Jungle (Original Mix).mp3
JPA – Esoteric (Original Mix) .mp3
Julian Kid – Ready Or Not (Original Mix).mp3
Junior Jack, Glory, Jocelyn Brown – Hold Me Up (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix).mp3
Kamadev – Fobeyo.mp3
KARAAL – Yeti (Original Mix).mp3
Katoff – Long Night (Extended Mix).mp3
Kiko Navarro feat. Paul Randolph – The Captain Of Her Heart (Clemente Reinterpretation).mp3
Kryder & Mark Roma – Pleasure or Pain (Extended Mix).mp3
Kuestenklatsch, HKNC – Not Enough (Extended Mix).mp3
LA Riots & Max Styler Feat. Laura White – I Call That Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Laroz – Laganga feat. Faytinga (Original).mp3
Level Groove – Conatas (Original Mix).mp3
Leventina & Chris Reece – Waiting For So Long (Extended Mix).mp3
London Grammar – Hey Now (Phonez Edit).mp3
Lost Desert, Hermanez, Volen Sentir – Jinx.mp3
Luigii Nieto, Harttins – I Need to Know.mp3
Madraas – Meia Lua (Original Mix).mp3
Maickel Telussa – The Girl (Extended Mix).mp3
Maickel Telussa – This Is My House.mp3
Maison Ware feat. Rhea Robertson – Break Me Open (Club Mix).mp3
Marco Bedini – To Disc (Original Mix).mp3
Marcus Meinhardt – El Paso (Original Mix).mp3
Maurizio Basilotta – Feel The Strings (Extended Mix).mp3
Michael A – Emanation (Original Mix).mp3
MIGANOVA – Elegant (Original Mix).mp3
Mollono.Bass, Nelli – Sahara (Mollono.Bass Remix).mp3
Monostone – Eden (Texlix Remix).mp3
Nelli – Sahara (Original Mix).mp3
Nopopstar, F.A.R – Alladin (Extended Mix).mp3
Nure – Ishi (Cosmic Boys Remix).mp3
Odsen – Before The Dawn (Extended Club Mix) [Monstercat].mp3
Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license (Hugo Cantarra & Omem Remix).mp3
Oppaacha – Andromeda (Original Mix).mp3
Paige, Nihil Young – Dangerous (Extended Mix).mp3
Paradoks – Stay (Rauschhaus Remix).mp3
Paul Parsons – Get My Share 4 Love (Club Mix).mp3
Pete Tong, John Monkman – Ecstasis (Original Mix).mp3
Proff – Vajrasattva (Extended Vocal Mix).mp3
Sam WOLFE – The Gorge origa.mp3
Sonickraft & Blvckr – Rebel (Original Mix).mp3
Spada – Want You Back (Extended Mix).mp3
Sydney Blu – Premonitions (Original Mix).mp3
Tayga – Bad Dreams.mp3
Technasia – Bring It Back.mp3
Teklix – The Tribal Code (Original Mix).mp3
The Journey, Haptic – Memento Mori (Doppel Remix).mp3
The Koma & NarkoSky – Bagnatio (Original Mix).mp3
The Pressure – Saturday Night (Super Flu Extended Remix).mp3
Thomas Newson, Marc Volt – Raining On (Extended Mix) 22.01.2021 House.mp3
Twin Bros – Don’t Stop (Original Mix).mp3
Valer den Bit – Still Bliss.mp3
Veytik – Time (Peter Makto Remix).mp3
Will Taylor (UK) – Honey.mp3
Yost Koen – Pandemic World (Original Mix).mp3

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